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The Leading Strength and Fitness Coaching Facility, in Solihull, for you to Achieve 

Despite having the right attitude, time, confusion and trust are barriers to achieving your personal training goals with your body in the gym. So we give you Solihull, Birmingham’s and the UK’s MOST QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED Strength, Conditioning and Rehab Coaching, in a unique, enjoyable, motivating environment, so you can look, feel and perform like never before

Sport Performance and Rehabilitation

Frustrated with an injury or your current level of physical performance in your sport?

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Fitness and Body Fat

Desiring less body fat, a body your confident with and fitness to be energised to perform in life, on your terms?

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Unrivalled Coaching Expertise

The most qualified and experienced coaches in the region and UK, for you to trust

Unique Environment

An inspiring, non judgemental and motivating private facility to succeed in

Tailored Individualised Programme

A personal training programme, scientifically based, totally tailored to you

Personalised Nutrition

A sustainable, effective and practical way to eat, fitted to the demands of your lifestyle

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“I joined C.P originally because of Ed and Daves pro sport fitness experience and their genuine interest and support.  Since I have seen improvements in strength, fitness and body fat, I love working with them”
“After having a baby and feeling like I’d lost my identity, Dave and Ed have helped me change my attitude towards training and nutrition, to produce the results I want, in a fun and friendly atmosphere”
“I’m not new to using a personal trainer, but I have found something different at Coalition Performance. This is a team of varying ages and abilities that want to get stronger, fitter and achieve results by putting in effort.  The personalised, progressive training plans, in addition to Dave and Ed’s expert advise, encourage and train us to achieve the outcomes we want, which you can’t find with any other personal trainers or in gym chains.”
“After months of yo yo dieting, having injury niggles and thinking I already knew what to do, I finally joined Coalition Performance.  Dave and Ed take the time to get to know you personally and make you feel part of a team.  The tailored programmes are challenging but ensure you always keep making steps towards your goals, keeping it motivating. From 2 sessions a week I’ve gained strength, lost body fat and increased fitness.  I’ve enjoyed every minute, which makes C.P my sanctuary!”
“After suffering a career threatening injury it was essential for me to turn to somewhere I could have complete confidence in.  With their extensive experience and success in professional rugby strength and conditioning, with Dave and Ed’s guidance I’ve been able to return to playing after 12 months out, improving my strength, fitness, power and robustness.  But also, enjoying every session that I attend.”
“I have been able to achieve to new levels of fitness and look better than I ever have thanks to Dave and Ed. They’re great; supportive, accommodating and motivating.  A truly unique experience you cant get elsewhere”

I don't play sport, can I still train and get results with you?

Yes, we coach men and women who don’t play sport, from business owners, mums and computer technicians, to accountants, office workers and even a pilot. They turn to us for the leading expertise, motivational environment and the guaranteed results we provide. Its about us taking the skills, knowledge and expertise we gained in getting results in professional athletes, and giving this unique, world class support to real world people of varying backgrounds, but who have a committed, determine attitude to improve.

Won't this training make me put on weight?

If you want to then yes. But many we coach want to gain strength for sport, injuries or to stop daily lifestyle niggles in their body’s, without putting on size. We have achieved and shown this can be done without fail, if this is a goal.

Don't I need to be an experienced gym go'er to do this?

Not at all, we coach many people who are complete novices to training, as well as those who are advanced. The common factor between everyone is that they are committed to the goals they want to achieve and willing to do the work to achieve this.

Why are you different to gym's and other trainers?


We have the highest level of experience in physical fitness training in the UK, compared to any other training centre or fitness club (Premiership championships, developed multiple England Rugby players long term, access to the world leading scientists and experts)

We only train people who are committed to change in relation to their goals. No ego’s, no bad characters, no time wasters or energy sappers, just committed, determined men and women of varying backgrounds and ability. This makes us unique to every other gym and training club

We only provide support in every element needed to maximise your success, including coaching, nutrition, monitoring and motivation, not just ‘part’of what’s required.

We value and appreciate our team members immensely, your progress and results matter more than anything to us, we go further than anyone to make this a personable experience

People travel up to an hour away to train with us because they know they cannot get this elsewhere

How much is it?

This depends on what you require to achieve your specific goals. We only provide solutions to success. We provide EVERYTHING you need to succeed, a comprehensive, unrivaled support package, not just ‘access to a gym’, or ‘training sessions’, because we’re only interested in results and success for you. Because of this and our leading experience and success which cannot be matched any other gym, training facility, or health club in the UK, we are a premium service, but our members have 100% belief this an outstanding investment in themselves.

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