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Lazy ass people on Channel 5

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January 12 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Lazy ass people on Channel 5


Last night me and my wife subjected ourselves to the viewing pleasure (or should I say frustration) of a Channel 5 programme…

It was about overweight individuals on benefits

Sad stuff, frustrating, mind boggling….

You see I noticed a clear but rather worrying trend in every single one of these people…

They were lazy…

And they were lazy because they had no purpose and no reason to change

There was no career, no hobbies, nothing to light the fire to get them changing

And even the partners and family weren’t giving them a reason to change…

In fact, the one women was pretty much killing her daughter from allowing her to drink the equivalent of an Olympic size swimming pool of coke a day

Its sad, but ultimately they have themselves to blame

Just in the same way people not achieving in their training, should look in one place…



This is where people need to get accountable with their training, fitness, performance and lifestyle

You can blame the equipment, the programme, the trainer, the weather, your job

You can make any excuse under the sun…

But ultimately, you’re accountable for what you do

If you don’t do your Tuesday evening training session, regardless of reasons…

That’s your decision

If you dipped your hand in the cookie jar and demolished a whole pack of Maryland Cookies, regardless of reasons…

That’s your decision


The Channel 5 documentary was at the extreme end of the scale…

But this shows how one of the big things holding people back from getting where they want to be is…

Themselves and their accountability

Did you get to where you are in your career by making excuses, making half arsed efforts and kidding yourself?

Physical training to get great results is no different!


Great coaches create unique, great relationships and environments with the people that they work with

They help create an understanding and appreciation of accountability

And as part of this, an understand that regardless, you have to put the work in, nobody else

I will work with you to create the optimal processes you need to dominate to get to where you want to be…

Stronger, fitter, leaner, quicker and so on…


I can’t do the work for you…

I can’t control what goes into your shopping basket and into your belly

And you know what?

You will slip up once your twice, your human, as am I but because your accountable you will acknowledge it, dust yourself down, and get yourself fully back on track

That’s accountability

That’s how you turn physical training, into remarkable results

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