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Fitness & Body Fat

Coalition PerformanceFitness & Body Fat

Are you a determined and hard working individual aspiring to look and feel unbelievable?

Have you been let down in the past?

Not been able to find a gym or trainer who has actually delivered what they promised?

This is where we can help you!

We can provide you with the guaranteed solutions to go further, and achieve the body, fitness and health you dream of.  This is more than just physical training, it’s a way to boost your confidence, self esteem and be energised, to impact all areas of your life positively.

Unfortunately the majority of personal trainers and coaches everywhere claim to be able to help you, promising you the world…and they don’t.  Health clubs and commercial gyms leave you to suffer once they have your membership and consequently you’re no closer to your goals.

This is where we are different.  We have the long term experience of having to transform normal bodies, like yours, into highly tuned, remarkable, elite sport physiques.  Regardless of age, gender or where you’re at currently, we have the guaranteed approach to allow you to look and feel like you have dreamed.

To do this we provide two services:

Hands on Coaching and Support:

Through genuine expert coaching, delivered during actual training sessions, we can utilise the very best training and provide you with the greatest nutritional and lifestyle support, to get you the results you desire, optimally.  This is ideal for individuals who feel they need not only the information and structure to succeed, but also the expertise of a coach to conduct training sessions.

Consulting Coaching:

Through face to face discussion we can in educate, plan and then monitor the ideal training, nutrition and lifestyle programme to allow you to optimally get the results you desire.  This will be suited to the individual who wishes to get truly expert, professional support, but still has the freedom and autonomy to conduct their own training.

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