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Are you a determined and busy individual aspiring to look and feel Fitter, Stronger, Trimmer, more Energised?

But lack of profesional support and structure, within a motivating gym environment you enjoy being in, have left you not achieving the results you want?

We’re very different, here is how we can help you like no other…

Unlike conventional gym’s and personal trainers, we give you our unrivalled, national leading expertise as strength and fitness coaches, to totally trust the quality of what you recieve.

Compared to lack lustre, uninspiring and judgemental gym environments, we have established a unqiue training environment, known for its inrcredibly positive, non judgemental and inspiring feel.

We attract great people, not idiots.  Ranging from 14-82 years old, novice to experienced, but only those who share a genuine chacteristic of having an underlying purpose towards their training goals.

Everything is tailored to you, so unlike many who claim to give you personal and bespoke support, with us every single member has their own unique programme for training and nutrition, updated every single week.

Equally everyone at the CP shrine is coached, via one to one, or individualised small group coaching (5 people max), so you can have the upmost confidence, enjoyment and results in every single session.  Remember this is the most skilled strength and fitness coaching you could recieve in Solihull and the UK.

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