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Playing the guessing game with nutrition?

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May 30 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Playing the guessing game with nutrition?

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A top reason you may struggle to achieve the physical performance or body you want is because of classic nutrition error:




Let me ask you this…


Would you guess your bank balance and not check it weekly or monthly as you spend away in Touchwood, Solihull or the Bullring?


So why would expect to get your nutrition right by putting on the blinkers, ‘hit and hope’?


Even when you have calories, protein, fat and carb goals, you need to actually gauge if you’re achieving them


Not doing so is ‘hoping’, and it’s this reason this approach is typically poor at significant and long term results in developing and changing your body for fitness, performance, health and well-being


The amount of people we speak to as trainers, who end up SURPRISED by actually how many calories something is and how much they’re actually consuming is massive


Non more so than when a weeks worth of sound nutrition gets swallowed up by a few ‘harmless treats’


Monitoring this in a simple way to give you accurate FEEDBACK, to open your sugar hungry eyes to the truth of what’s actually going into your body


Now let me also say…


Is counting calories, something you do forever? No


But by doing this via tools like myfitnesspal which we use with CP team members, it educates you on the reality of what goes in that month of yours, so then you don’t need it in the future


This is key for many targets, not just reducing body fat, such as:


  • Maximising, strength, power and lean muscle mass increases
  • Endurance performance from your pre race/competition feed


Now a bit of honesty too!

(only because you know I genuinely want to help and not justs ay what you want to hear)


Logging your myfitnesspal on your phone is not time consuming, saying it is, is an excuse

Just like when I say I haven’t got time to clean the work surfaces at home


Get into a routine to fill it out at the end of day when the tele is on


So many people who are crazy busy with kids, managing a business, going through traumatic moments still do it, and guess what?

They end up getting immense results…


Emma, Dan, Beth, James, to name a few


Those who don’t?


They find it tougher


Don’t play a guessing game, this way your significantly more likely to achieve the outcome you want from your training and nutrition (we have data to show this!)


Speak shortly


Dave ’always finds time to do things which matter to him’ Cripps

***Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want ***