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Are you looking to take your sport performance to a whole new level?

Have you been unable to find the strength, conditioning and performance coaching you need to make genuine, significant steps in your performance?

This highly specialised field is filled with personal trainers and ill experienced coaches, who do not have the genuine expertise to deliver an outstanding service. 

This is where we are different.  We have the long term experience, at the highest level of professional sport, and the genuine answers, to provide you with an unrivalled level of support, to maximise your athletic performance, in your sport.

Strength and Conditioning Coaching and Support

Through genuine expert coaching, delivered during actual training sessions, we can optimally improve the key things you need to do, to maximise your athletic performance. Additional support in the form of providing structure and education on training, nutrition and lifestyle will be delivered. Content will be highly individualised based on your sport and qualities, to provide you with the very best physical training programme to flourish in your sport.  This is suited to those who wish to have not only the information and structure, but also the hands on coaching to get to where they desire.

Distance Coaching

We support a number of people who want our unique expertise yet live genuinely too far away to work with us.  While nothing beats the personal contact of coaching, in this situation we still want to help people, so provide a tailored individual training programme based on a video movement assessment, nutrition support and weekly contact to ensure optimal progression and accountability.  We have no doubt this is the very best distance coaching available to athletes for strength and conditioning.


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