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We inspire and support people, to achieve phenomenal results, with strength and fat loss, sports performance and injury rehab. Providing the most trusted, qualified and experienced personal training, through strength and conditioning coaching.

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When you’re supported by the team at Coalition Performance, you benefit from 5 totally unique services, that no other gym, studio or trainers can provide


Most qualified coaches in the UK

Trust us – every coach has a bachelors AND masters degrees in strength, fitness and training. No where else has this.

Highest quality coaching EVERY session

You receive our leading personal coaching every time you’re here. Plus, we have more years professional coaching experience than any other gym.

A bespoke programme unique to you

No one here does the same training programme. We craft together your programme so you achieve the very best results, using an approach you can love.

Your own training kit and space

There’s no kit sharing to worry about. Everyone has their own fully kitted training station.

Personal nutrition mentoring

Rather than just giving you a diet sheet, you can receive personal support with your nutrition to make it practical and truly work for you.

The most highly rated

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve got the most 5 star reviews, standout testimonials and in-depth case studies to back up what we say.

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Will Peachey
Will Peachey
We are new to the gym thing, but the guys have been great. It’s fun going together as a couple, we get a bit of competition from each other, and lots of motivation from the trainers. We have learned lots and gained in strength and stamina over the past 3 months. We highly recommend coalition and enjoy it lots, even the early mornings (although I might have to change that in the winter).
Hannah Nolan
Hannah Nolan
Great place, great team and brilliant atmosphere!! Started 4 months ago at Coalition Performance as a total strength & conditioning novice but have been made to feel welcome and supported. Would highly recommend!
What a difference CP has made over the last year. I was about to book in for surgery for both my long standing shoulder injury and also my knee, as well as more generally having trouble with my lower back. CP were able to combine their medical understanding of the issues with a specific strength-based rehab programme such that, a year after starting at CP, I won’t be having any operations and my lower back is so much better. And all of this improvement has definitely helped my mental health too. Thank you to all of the really engaging and skilled coaches at CP for making such a difference.
Kirstie Goodwin
Kirstie Goodwin
I started at coalition performance 5 1/2 years ago and can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions and investment into my health, fitness and well-being I have ever made. The coaches are incredible, their knowledge and expertise are elite. I have gone on to achieve goals I never though were possible. Running marathons, smashing running PB’s and lift weights that i thought only “men” could lift. Look forward to every session, no waiting to use equipment as ever member has their own station and their own tailored program designed to their needs and goals. Seriously no gym like it, if you don’t already train here you most definitely missing out.
Robert Hope
Robert Hope
Good teaching skills
Robert Shelton
Robert Shelton
I joined Coalition Performance 7 years ago, to say I have lived and breathed this place is an understatement. I joined due to a knee ligament reconstruction and was recommended by my rugby coach. I initially had a consultation with Dave and Ed. Their knowledge for the road to recovery and setting goals are far more superior than I have ever seen. I got cleared to play contact sport just some 9 months later from joining. To which I owe all to them. I have seen the gym grow it’s walls from brickwork to the blue and white walls today. It is full of likeminded people, a family if you will. It is a place I simply can’t imagine my routine without and I commend all my gains and milestones to them. The now team of Coalition Performance are one of the most impressive collectives of sport science background across the country! I cannot recommend them enough and their attention to detail of everybody that goes is fantastic. Long live Coalition Performance!
Clive Gidney
Clive Gidney
I approached Coalition Performance for help with rehabilitating a shoulder injury. They have been superb creating & tailoring a bespoke programme for me, with regular feedback & reviews, that, while focusing on my shoulder, has also improved my all round strength & fitness. Highly recommended.
Angus Drummond
Angus Drummond
Coalition performance has changed my life. I never knew that a gym could have such a profound and positive impact on my physical, personal and mental wellbeing. That is because Coalition Performance is more than a gym, it is core part of enabling my lifestyle. You don't come here to exercise, you don't come here to get fit, you don't come here to get strong. You come here to be your best self, to feel happy with who you are, and to enable you to live your best life. Coalition performance is a fundamental part of my day to day life, you can't compare it to any other gym. The atmosphere is incredible, the level of knowledge and expertise is the same as you'd expect at elite athlete and the coaches are some of the soundest, most solid people you could ever hope to meet, let alone train with. I train with Ed on a weekly basis and he is amazing and an incredible support to me. I also regularly train with Craig who is fantastic and always good fun on the early morning sessions. Also James and the others are equally brilliant. And of course Dave, the force and vision behind CP without whom it wouldn't be here! Its a fantastic organistion with incredible values, ethics and a burning passion to deliver exceptional service to each and every person that makes the decision to train there. If you are thinking of joining, just do it, you won't regret it. The cost may be higher than a usual gym - but don't let that put you off. The value is phenomenal, you so much more than you pay for - and that is high quality professional training, advice and support. They also have nice coffee.
Emma PerzHorn
Emma PerzHorn
A fantastic team of strength and conditioning coaches, always there, working with you to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Could not think of a better team to have alongside me on my trail racing journey 🙌
Awesome place, awesome people! I was recommended Coalition after picking up a running injury. They tailor each session for me based on my wants / needs and all at a very reasonable price. The sessions are then supervised to ensure you are doing everything correctly. I've always avoided the gym but love going here!


"I wish I found CP sooner. The coaches are amazing as they actually care, the people lovely and I’m in the best shape I have ever been in."


"Having lost over 3 stone at CP, I would encourage anyone, no matter your level of fitness to come here."


"I’ve lost 2 stone and my cycling fitness is best it’s ever been. Thanks for making it brilliant."


"I joined CP to resolve a cruciate ligament injury after surgery, and a year later travelled with Great Britain to go and win the Taekwondo World Championships. A great team of coaches."


“A great place. I have lost 10kg of fat and am stronger and fitter than ever. Welcoming, supportive, nonjudgemental.”


"Having been to other trainers prior and having bad experiences. CP has been amazing in my weight loss, gains in strength and rehab of my knee."


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