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 Leaders in Bespoke Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Rehab, in Solihull and Birmingham

 The MOST QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning and Rehab Coaching, so you can look, feel and perform like never before

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Sport Performance and Rehab

Frustrated with an injury? Or your level of physical performance in your sport? Trust our leading Strength, Conditioning and Rehab Coaching, for amateur and elite athletes.

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Fitness and Fat Loss

Desiring a body you’re more confident with, plus fitness to be energised to perform in life on your terms? Discover our specialist personal training coaching

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Youth Athletic Training

Does your child want to improve their performance in the sport they love, in a safe AND enjoyable environment? We are one the UK’s few, genuine specialists in this field.

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Unrivaled Coaching Expertise

The most qualified and experienced personal coaches and trainers in the UK, with more 5 star reviews than anywhere else in the region.


Everyone Personally Coached

The only gym in the UK where everyone is personally coached, every session and has their very own kit and space (so you don’t need to share).

A Programme Unique To You

The only facility in the UK where no one has the same the programme. You are unique, therefore you follow a bespoke plan for you.

Personal Nutrition Mentoring

A personal, practical and real world approach to your nutrition to achieve your goals (rather than generic advice).

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“Aside from losing weight, being fitter and stronger, I’ve ended up being able to run…do a 100km bike ride and really see the benefit from a mental well-being perspective.”


“My fitness is the best it’s been in 20 years, I’m stronger, more powerful and pains are a distant memory.”
CP has helped me get my life back by resolving my back problem, loosing 3 stone of body fat, and getting stronger and fitter to have more energy”
I’m down by 20 kilo’s in body fat, have more muscle and am stronger, fitter and quicker than I ever have been
I’ve dropped over 30 kilo’s of body fat, my fitness has improve by 40% and the place has fantastic coaches and members to support you.
“Following repetitive injuries I couldn’t fix, I came to CP and they’ve put me back together and in top shape for cycling. It’s more than just a happy space for me, but also a joy to be part of”.
“Having both joined for strength, fitness and weight loss goals, CP has been refreshing due to their truly personal approach, that you can enjoy to achieve any goal you like. Thanks so much for the support”.
Claire and David
“I first joined CP to resolve a cruciate ligament injury after surgery, and a year later traveled with Great Britain to go and win the Taekwondo World Championships. A great team of coaches, all you have to do is turn up!”.
“I wish I found out about CP sooner. A highly respected, London gym owner recommended them. The coaches are amazing as they actually care, the people lovely and I’m in the best shape I have ever been in”.
“I’ve lowered my body fat and improved by strength and fitness more than I thought would be possible, despite having been to normal gyms for years. Everyone is supportive regardless of your age or who you are. Thanks guys”.
“The coaches really care about you. They adapt your programme whenever needed to suit you and its been nothing but positive since starting, to help solve my injury and improve my strength and fitness to run”.
“As a young, developing, elite snowboarder for Great Britain I came to CP to improve my performance on the snow. They have been wonderful in helping me become stronger and more durable to compete at a higher level”.

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