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1 thing to consider around new year



December 27 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

1 thing to consider around new year

Its cold, its wet, it miserable…yawn


Amongst some of the many negative phrases we all hear each day from friends and family


Not..exactly..great, when your trying to pursue fitness and performance with your body


Yet, you and me know, the results you’re chasing with your training and nutrition won’t happen through meditation or osmosis


What way’s can we stay inspired?





I recall dragging myself out on to a road or field to run when I was training over the winter of 2011 for an ultra distance run.


Even as a highly motivated person and disciplined with my training, even I at times found it tough to get going


So I did this…


I just committed myself to starting…


Get your kit on, get outside and just start running, think about nothing more


And every time once I did this, I was away and completed every session and with the quality it deserved


Instead of not feeling like rubbish and being annoyed at myself


Therefore – Just start, get to the gym, get on the saddle, put the trainers on the tarmac, your body in the pool




Even I, as a professional strength and fitness coach, do not train for the sake of the joy of training, really…


5 minutes into a wattbike interval session with my legs plodding at 80 rpm is not my idea of long island ice tea by a swimming pool


But what I do have is a vivid link between how this training improves areas of my life which really matter to me…


My energy towards Coalition Performance, inspiring my two sons Oliver and Leo, pushing myself to do challenges which make me feel I can do the extraordinary


So what’s yours?


Because I can honestly say you’re not wanting to get fitter just so you sit on the sofa in front of Eastenders with a lower resting heart rate…


Or drop body fat so you can see a different shaped digit on some scales


Connect the dots between what matters and your training, and your commitment will increase


Be a cut above…


Christmas greetings and happy new year