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1 Way to Get Fitter (aside from more cardio, or more miles)

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June 18 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

1 Way to Get Fitter (aside from more cardio, or more miles)

Do you want to be fitter?

Run quicker, cycle more powerful, cross the finish line at that event?


Of course you do, as shown by the many thousands who plod and pedal about Solihull side roads, Warwickshire woods, and Birmingham bypasses each week


Well all fads, gimmicks, youtube videos, articles, and tweets aside, there is 1 simple thing you can to achieve both without doubt


Yes it is that simple to understand, so let me explain to you what this is…


In the 90’s scientists started to really explore what influenced endurance type exercise aside from the obvious things like interval training.


The one area was strength training, as for years there was a general assumption from runners, cyclists and coaches, along the lines of:


‘Weight training makes you slow’

‘Getting stronger makes you bulky and less fit’

‘Strength training will make you prone to injury’


Ironically many of these assumptions still exist


YET the evidence over the last two decades plus, is clear:


Improving your strength significantly improves performance your fitness


A team of now famous Scandinavian scientists illustrated how after 8 weeks of strength training, subjects improved on average there performance during a run to exhaustion test by 21% AND…


Their ability to use on average 5% less oxygen at a given running speed (more economical, less miles per gallon!)


Also use a CP member as an example…


Mark saw his fitness on the bike improve alongside his maximal strength and power, from when he commenced strength training with us, instead of adding more miles in


(We measure everything on the gym floor at CP as its key for your motivation)


So, lets keep it factual and simple…


Supplement your endurance training with 1-2 strength sessions per week specific to the demands of what you want to get fit for


And you’re going to get quicker and more powerful


Have a great day


(and don’t worry about turning into bulky bodybuilder)