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1 Way We’re Being Different (which could help you)

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December 27 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

1 Way We’re Being Different (which could help you)

You maybe aware that currently we’re doing things rather different to the rest of the fitness world (not just Solihull, but beyond).


Its not mind bogglingly complex, nor is it outrageous…


Its simply…sharing…evidence.


What evidence?


Well while reading this I totally respect the fact that your trust is important.


Particularly when you have every personal trainer and gym in your face at this time of year…


‘New body new you’, ‘6 week transformation boot camps’, you’re heard it all before


So rather than sell you stuff, we’re simply SHOWING you stuff…


EVIDENCE that what we do uniquely here with physical training, nutrition and support, WORKS.


Regardless if you’re an office worker, accountant, GP or electrician…


Irrespective of if it’s a fitness, body weight, sporting, or injury goal.


Go on our Facebook page and see – Kathy, Gaynor, Rich, Simon, all from the last week alone.


If I put myself in your shoes, you’ve likely been let down or unable to find the expertise you want at gyms or with personal trainers


So we grasp you need to see evidence and authenticity to make the positive steps through strength and conditioning training, you desire.


Then from there, sure, you can see further on this website and our Facebook on the specifics of how we deliver that in a way unlike anywhere else.


So my post here today is simple, but could be highly significant for you…


If you are genuinely wanting to pursue your goals with your body and fitness to positively improve life, then don’t listen to me tell you about us…


Listen to these testimonials, reviews, recommendations and success stories.


Then you can always drop me an email on here or call 😊


Happy new year in advance