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2 things to conquer, if you want a better body this summer

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July 12 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

2 things to conquer, if you want a better body this summer

When the weather gets better, and holidays come around, self awareness around your body and fitness can often peak.


I often recite my annoyance in my 20’s over the ‘belly roll’ when being on holidays by the pool


However, at CP we always see a common, re-occurring issue for people who want to improve their body composition/weight (loose body fat)


Having viewed 100’s of food diaries and considering this with psychology, you often have mental things which hinder you:


–          You see what you want to (and don’t what you don’t)

–          You see things in days, when they work in weeks


During the working week you will likely exercise (or know you should be doing strength and/or fitness training).


During the working week you have a routine…


Wake, work, home

You wear certain things

Go certain same places

See the same people


This suits your mind when addressing your nutrition and diet so its these working days Mon-Fri which are ironically the easiest for you to improve.


But then comes the weekend.


Routine changes a lot – kids, going out into Solihull, trips to Biringham, shops…


And consequently your working weeks routine doesn’t fit your weekend schedule, and then your weekend nutrition is poor




You’re also likely to ignore this, or down play it…


‘I’ve been great this week, stuck to it’


Yet when questioned cracks start to show…


‘I only had a couple of drinks at the weekend’ (a couple was in fact 6 and the same as consuming a box of milk tray)


‘We just had the one meal out and I had a meet based main’ (ignoring the fatty starter and cheeky pudding at the end’


Both of these things I’ve shared with you ultimately cancel out all of the work you’ve done with your nutrition in the week.


And guess what?


You don’t lose body fat.


You’re not sure why, you’re annoyed, you’re confused…


Yet when you choose to consider what you’ve done over the whole week, and don’t ignore the things which go against your healthy lifestyle, it then makes sense.


The solution?


For a period of time use an ap to log everything you eat and drink (including those extra pints and pudding)


And see what you average over a whole week each day, versus only over the working week and ignoring the weekend.


Tweaks to your nutrition can then be made and some relations made, but in a way which still means you can go out for a meal with the other half, or take the kids some place fun…


But make choices which don’t hijack your healthy nutrition in the week


Coach Dave