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Did you know this about your mindset and fitness?

Personal Trainer Solihull. Strength and ConditioningnewsDid you know this about your mindset and fitness?



June 8 , 2020 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Did you know this about your mindset and fitness?

Its been busy here at Coalition Performance, Solihull. Demonstrated firstly this week in the videos of me driving a cherry picker around and being in the ceiling.

Then an initial reveal on how we are evolving the personal training stations which were already industry leading, to now even further ahead.

Actually, last night we purchased an extra 350 kilos of bumper plate weight, but there is more to come so watch this space. In fact, this is the biggest investment in CP in its history, by far.

Such a move requires confidence and a vision, a line that as I’ve wrote it, has me suddenly wondering if I’ve just quoted lyrics from the song One Vision by Queen!

Anyhow, this is an example of the glass half full mentality. Something which can span anything we all pursue, including goals with our  fitness, health, performance and body.

A group of Harvard scientists in 2001 published a study which over 10 years showed a relationship that men who were more optimistic in their out look of life, had significantly less chance of heart complications.

Just a male thing?

More recently a significant link was demonstrated in women, whereby being more optimistic resulted in greater adherence to maintaining intense physical exercise over time.

I’m not suggesting you all now create a false smile and skip buoyantly across the car park to the back of the supermarket queue, while giving socially distant high fives to your fellow shoppers.

But rather, by presenting the evidence, that in things which clearly can benefit from being optimistic (health, fitness), it would make sense to try our best to be this?

They see a wattbike/sled/weight and think nothing but they are going to get tired…

We see one and accept the challenges, but are aware we have nothing to lose and the guaranteed sense of achievement after for trying our best.

They see doing training before/after work as a chore…

We see it as a chance to live longer, be a cut above to inspire our loved ones and have no regrets.

They see an industry locked down, unable to make any money, needing to batten down the hatches…

We see an opportunity in revolutionising the industry and inspiring change more than ever before.

The only difference in what we all see, is how we decide to interpret it.

For the same effort why not interpret your goals, training and nutrition with the glass half full more than ever?

This is the one thing each of us can totally control 100%.


Stay strong

Dave ‘that’s half bottle of wine left to enjoy, not half a bottle gone’ Cripps