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3 signs your about to stop achieving results (fun sponges)

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July 11 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

3 signs your about to stop achieving results (fun sponges)

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I really thought about how to title this beauty of a ‘knowledge mail’, but…

Soon realised the obvious truth about what it was, in fact was the best title


For over the last decade, coaching has allowed me to see common themes, traits, which precede a plateau in results, or in fact regression in people like you


And guess what…


There no different in England rugby internationals, or Solihull based office workers


But often, when its happening to you, you’re not aware, and if you were’ then you would do something about it and avoid the inevitable trip down failure lane


  1. ‘I had to blow dry my hair’


Subtly, other things, take priority which are in fact completely trivial and not a priority based on your goals


You know what I mean right? Where deep down you know its just an excuse


Ultimately, you begin making less important, trivial things become more important than your training, despite still wanting the same goal (e.g. a little bit of tiredness one day)


OR, you begin making things which were never a barrier, suddenly a barrier (e.g. work, when in fact work is no different)


  1. Grinch persona


Without notice, you’re personality when you train has gone from having that get up and go, to constantly becoming a drag, you are now the training equivalent of the Grinch.


Don’t get me wrong, we all have bad days, me too, but when people reach this stage, its constant, week in week out


And by disappearing into your hole, the quality of your training declines because there’s less energy, intensity, focus – the key ingredients to progress


But also…you don’t bring out the best in people, those who support you


How do you feel about working with the fun sponge at work? Do they get the best out of you?


Just consider this with yourself 😉


  1. 9 to 5 mentality


I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t understand the results they want with their body are about more than just the 45 minutes there in the gym, but also the nutrition and recovery outside of this


By having the same mentality with your training, nutrition, recovery (which culminates in your lifestyle) results flourish, your in a great place and it becomes so routine and ingrained you its not a problem


But people can suddenly start to go into 9 to 5 mode…


Again, things crop up in life that are unavoidable which negatively impact things like sleep acutely, but im talking longer term


You now are habitually not doing the things across the board which have gave you, and will continue to give you what you want from your training.


More JD and coke, more curly wurlys, less sleep because of watching car crash tele





Please, please don’t confuse this with being something which is controlling, negative or makes training, nutrition and huge results with your body and performance seem a chore…


It’s the opposite


Because all of those things DO become a chore when you start adopting these behaviours and they become habits, with the ultimate negative being…


Not the result you want (back at square one)




Struggles and challenges occur, bad days happen, the other half will stress you out BUT think:


  • When you enter the gym; why am I here, what will give me the results, GO DO


  • When you eat: is this inline with my goals


  • What will make me feel better; doing the right thing, or doing the wrong


You can achieve, we all can, just stop these 3 little things before they become habits



Speak shortly

Dave ‘prefers to coach non fun sponges’ Cripps

**Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want ***