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5 things I wish knew…When I knew nothing

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March 10 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

5 things I wish knew…When I knew nothing


I was having a chat with someone I coach today with the intriguing surname ‘Catchpole’

He’s a lot younger than wise old me…

And I was reciting to him all the stupid things I used to think and do before I got into this game

So I thought I’d share with you the 5 things I wish I’d  knew about training…

Before I really knew anything!

(Reading Men’s Health don’t count I’m afraid)

To set the scene, this is when I was about 18 years old…

I had a York bench press from Argos and some 20kg spinlock db’s (we’ve all been there)

I’d just started at a local gym

I was getting into running, keen on triathlon, playing Sunday league football


  1. Don’t spend some much time on bi’s and tri’s

I must have got through several ‘gun’ exercises a week

I think I did more guns then legs…

Maybe that’s why I’ve got legs like a stalk?

I should have sacked these off, and done what leads me on to number 2…


  1. Done way more pulling exercises…

Chins (once I was strong enough!)

Pull down, cable rowing…

Lots more bang for your buck…

Trains muscles which are some of most easy to strengthen…

Strengthens the core strength great when done technically sweet…

Improves shoulder stability and robustness through setting the shoulder joint in a solid position


  1. Ate way less sugar

I was a carbosuarus, but was like most people…

Because what you think is healthy is not because its laced with sugar…

Cereal, health bars, mass gainers, juice, bagels, baguettes, pasta

This was why I was skinny but with a lil’ pouch belly!


4. Gone to bed earlier!

Staying up until 1am watching Discovery Turbo or on Playstation

This is the parent in me coming out but serious, sleep before midnight is key…

Not my thoughts the thoughts of the world’s leading research group I’ve met


Reduced activity of all the physiological wonders in your body, which…

Allow you get fitter, stronger, leaner and have more energy to fuel your training


  1. Not done the ‘ab training’ I used to

I blame some of it for my bad back!

Some years later following some reading and a phone call with world spine expert Dr McGill…

I discovered thousands of sit up’s, crunches and rotations were aggravating not help my back

In fact they were ruining it

I wish I’d just stuck to doing some great compound lower limb and upper limb pulling exercises

And stuck to ‘isometric’ training like planking with resistance

*isometrics are exercises where you essentially don’t move because the muscles don’t change length*


So there you go

Me laying my soul bare

But hopefully a couple of gems you can take from that to help you

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