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A huge, yet simple change you can make today (to achieve more with your training)

Personal Trainer Solihull. Strength and ConditioningMentalityA huge, yet simple change you can make today (to achieve more with your training)



June 11 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

A huge, yet simple change you can make today (to achieve more with your training)

My one son, who is nearly 5 has started to enter the stage of asking questions like ‘Are we nearly there yet’


And why we’ve all been there, ironically you may find yourself doing the same…


As a leading question I get asked is as a coach and trainer is:


How long will it take?


Now its totally fine for anyone to want to know how long results can take with training, so I’m not mocking…


But it does reveal a mindset which will hold you back with success in your body and physical fitness





this question, just highlights how you will psychologically often be ‘in the future with’ and not ‘the present’


Consider this…


You and me are going to invest in opening a new business, lets say in Solihull, which sells wine from the finest vin yards in Europe!


So naturally after doing so, ultimately we’re looking to get a return


But would the best approach to success and the results we want, be:


  • Just focusing and thinking about:


             ‘when will I get my return, when will it grow, how long is it going to take’




expect 4-6 months, but lets just focus now on creating an outstanding service, experience and awareness about us’


Hopefully the second would be most logical, it appreciates the outcome, but focus’ on the processes


This is the sweet spot you can set your mentality to with your training for your fitness, strength, body fat or sport performance.


For example:


Instead of thinking:


‘Billy in Knowle lost 2 stone in 2 months, how long will mine take, is it changing, when will the scales tip etc’


You could instead think


‘Ok, if I get my training in twice per week, relish and get stuck into, a start making the nutrition changes i need, I’ll get towards my goal ASAP’


Take a final example from a sport perspective:


You could think:


‘When will I average 20mph on this one cycle route and get rid of this knee injury, JohnnyPedalKing on Strava is so much better than me’


Or you could alternately think:


‘Here is my gym and cycling plan for the week, it’s the best next step towards overcoming my injury and achieving the speed I want…oh and sod what Johnny is doing on Strava!’


Respecting the outcome and future, but focusing on the process and present


So while fat loss will typically occur at a rate of 1-2 lbs per week…

Strength and fitness will improve at a marked level between 3-5 weeks to begin…


Don’t sweat the outcome…


Laser in on the structure to get you there



Speak shortly




Director, Coalition Performance, Solihull