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Achieving more in the gym through superior technique

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October 26 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Achieving more in the gym through superior technique

There is one simple thing I’ve been recently repeating on the ‘shrine floor’/gym floor at CP, which is something you can instantly use to significantly improve your strength training results


Put more broadly, if your improving the effectiveness of your strength training this equals more durable joints, greater fitter, improved body composition, reduced risk of pain and injury and even superior well being.


So what is this ‘thing’ I have been projecting across the floor from our wonderful training facility to our members?


To help understand, consider your job for one moment…


No doubt there are many ways, thousands in fact to do your job, many of which produce average results, some no results and only a tiny amount delivering the best results?


When you exercise, for example when you strength train, its easy just to think progress is getting the exercise done, the weight up and then down for said number of repetitions and sets = results


It doesn’t I’m afraid, and is why so many of you plateau and stop progressing. So what’s the answer?


Technique is’nt just to look pretty, by doing it properly, by focusing your mind on a couple of key but simple and tangible things, allows you to extract much much more benefit from an exercise.


Just so you don’t think I’m just giving you pseudo science, I can tell you in honesty, from research conducted at a premiership sports team I worked with several years ago, inferior technique reduces immensely the key things physically which trigger change and improvements in your body’s strength


So this thing I’ve been saying is simple, FOCUS.


But its key you know WHAT to focus on…


That’s why we’re here as coaches and in part why CP has become such a success, people value and can see the huge impact of knowing what to focus on when training, to get the very best from their exercises…


Its about you not just knowing general things to focus on with technique which you can see on youtube, but each of you understanding ways and angles to focus, and unless its simple and tangible, it won’t work.  Take this example…


The other day I used a ball positioned in a certain way, to get a member to position their knee joint in a more balanced way when just them ‘thinking about’ didn’t work


Equally I used cues and analogies linked to ‘zipping and unzipping a zip’, ‘pistons of an engine’, and ‘imaging pulling your underwear up that your 7ft tall’ 😊


This might sound a but funny, but when you can have a picture painted for you in your mind which you get, is simple and quick to understand, and links to refining your technique on an exercise, then

you will see marked, huge improvements in your strength, fitness and durability to injury/rehab.



Have a great day


(espresso time, may I recommend Two Mugs in Shirley, Solihull!)