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‘Am I doing well’?



August 20 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

‘Am I doing well’?

Am I doing good?


The words that often mutter from many we train, irrespective of their goals


Because if I tell you that your leg power and fitness have gone up 12% and your body fat has dropped 4%, what an earth do those numbers mean!?


On tele recently I saw this exact thing happen with some z list celebs from my youth, who were a little disgruntled at their weight loss after a month


Yet, no one jumped in and actually told them the CONTEXT, that in fact it was good and any more would have probably been negative (extra weight would have probably not been fat but your good weight, muscle)


Scientific and experienced coaching minds would above around 0.5-1.5 lbs of fat loss per week are in the optimal range, but from you being barraged by BBC documentaries from investigative journalists and GP’s, you wouldn’t know


While hearing great loss is maybe a little slower than you maybe perceived, its always worth letting these two things go through your mind:


1). How many months and years has it took to put on that weight?/ How long has that injury affected your sport?


2). If you lost 0.5 pound of body fat per week/increased your leg strength steadily and safely each month, would you likely be where you wanted in far less time than the point 1 above?


Great coaching is about communicating the context of your progress, and how it influences things important to you…


  • That increase in leg power now means you can run or cycle using less oxygen (your now fitter)


  • That increase in strength will reduce your risk of reinjuring that arthritic knee niggle that has persisted for years and stopped you doing what the rest of your family does


  • The change in your weight and body dimensions has equated to 1 stone less body fat, and you are now going out to so trendy eatery in town


If that happens, you accept it ‘ok that’s cool’ and persist and yield more success…


If that doesn’t happen, like happens in the 99% of people dreaming of training goals in many a Solihull and Birmingham gym…you give up


You can


Have a great day


(you’re likely better doing better than you think)