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Are the products of your surroundings holding you back?

Personal Trainer Solihull. Strength and ConditioningnewsAre the products of your surroundings holding you back?



January 7 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Are the products of your surroundings holding you back?

People say knowledge is power


To point, but this isn’t always particularly true from people like yourself with fitness, physical performance, body fat and health goals


As an example, I often always reveal one insight to people when I first meet them at CP…


One which goes against a lot of common belief yet makes today sense in helping you with training and nutrition


‘It isn’t always knowing more which will help you, but adapting your behaviour to things which in fact will help you’


To bring it to life, If I asked you how to eat healthier, you would come out with some good ideas, yet while knowing this, you’re likely not doing it…


‘I need to eat less choc, just less sugar from junk, like at home’


That’s cool, a good idea, yet often you can’t break this habit, so here is the answer




The environment you surround yourself with influences behaviour


If you’re surrounded by things which are likely to create an undesired behaviour then: there is a much greater chance of it happening i.e….


If there is a box of celebrations in the cupboard you’re likely to have them more.


If you’re constantly on Strava looking and comparing yourself to people, you’re more likely to be more frustrated unnecessarily by your fitness and performance


If you’re surrounded by people who sack off their training sessions, you’re more prone to do the same


The fix is to change the environment…


Don’t stock the cupboards up, if this time of year your sick of ferro roche and chocolate, then give it away, forcing yourself to eat it because its just there, not because you want it is surely mad?


If you need to be creating clear structure behind your cycling and running and not doing random sessions with no focus, stop looking at what other strava people are doing, focus on the controllable’s and your process, not someone else’s.


If you’re used to training with someone who regularly likes to find a reason not to train then don’t train with them, break free, don’t let their reasons start to bring you down.


This sounds simple and it can be, yet some often we find ourselves making life so much harder for ourselves, not through knowledge, but through making the environment around us less easy to execute the great things we need with training and nutrition


Happy new year and…


Don’t worry even I am feeling heavy!