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Why they fail and how you can succeed…



Why they fail and how you can succeed…

Everyone loves a short cut, right?

A silver bullet, a magic pill.

But there’s a problem and its one which riddles the fitness industry…

These quick fixes never work.

Sure they might have a small, brief impact, but nothing worthwhile, nothing sustainable.

Whether you’re trying to get fitter, faster, stronger or leaner, it makes no difference…

Nothing is a substitute for a work ethic

Yeah I know, it sounds prehistoric and boring but its fact, accept it

Let me demonstrate…


Your Hired!

I love ‘The Apprentice’, particularly the annual cameo from Lord Sugars adviser ‘Claude’

The brutally direct, honest and no holds barred animal which tears candidates to pieces during the interview process at the end.

By this stage the weak have been axed.

The jokers and fakers booted, and were left with genuine prospects who have forged previous careers as start up entrepreneurs and corporate warriors.

And there’s a common trait in these people, a good one…

They are determined, committed, hard working….

They’re the ones who despite getting a bloody nose in the process, get back up and get right back in the thick of it again.

Consequently it’s no surprise that they have achieved, and are on journey to achieving their goals.

The same applies with your physical training goals.


Even a great plan requires a great vehicle

I’m totally honest with the people I train from the outset, why?

Simple, because I’m going to let you know exactly what will be required to achieve what you want in the most superior way possible. Why would I not do this, it’s why I’m here.

Well most people will hide the truth and let you think great goals can be achieved without hard work, without commitment and determination. They sell a false belief and consequently, you fail.

You see even with a training programme which directs you the very best way to get you the results you desire…

You need the vehicle to take you there, and the vehicle is your work ethic.

I know because I have seen it in every instance of great things been achieved in the careers of athletes.

Regardless of your physical goals…

Developing a remarkably more powerful golf swing…

Adding significant speed to your tennis serve…

Creating devastating explosiveness to your rugby performance.

Or, cutting body fat to have the physique and well being you’ve craved your whole adult life.

All of these require a strong work ethic, illustrated by determination, commitment, aspiration and honesty.

Most people don’t have these, and that’s why most people fail.

Are you most people, or not?

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