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Ask yourself this (super important)



November 2 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Ask yourself this (super important)

For many years something occurred to me…

I didn’t notice it straight away but after a while it stood out…

There was a trait, characteristic of those who achieved what they we’re chasing from training



The cat didn’t have a cough…

The traffic wasn’t a nitemare…

They didn’t suddenly succumb to a tropical disease…

The delivery man didn’t suddenly change delivery times


I’ll apologise if this is a little too simplistic, but I can tell you how this is major stumbling block, the biggest which causes plateauing, lack of results and failure with training goals

Consider, 70% of new gym members stop turning up enough, relative to their goals, within only 12 weeks of joining


The fundamental laws and principles of training from decades of science shows categorically:

The correct frequency of training per week is pivotal to get the outcomes you want

This is true for strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, fat loss


Although we’re great at what we do, neither you or me have biblical powers to defy the laws of physiology

And why I’m going to be honest in sharing this


First thing to ask yourself:

‘Am I turning up?’


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