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Back to square 1? This is why, and this how to stop

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March 13 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Back to square 1? This is why, and this how to stop


Had a meeting earlier with a great lady who is an unreal wedding planner

(no I’m not getting married again!)


But she was telling me about her training and weight…

How the late night at the office often meant a trip to the takeaway

And how every commercial gym membership lasts 2 months before she stops going

(a discussion for a later post!)


Sound familiar eh?


The temptation to not do the things you need to, happens to everyone

Maybe you’ve been on a huge journey…

Had endless meetings and difficult discussions

Sleep’s been poor and…

You’ve still got to train

Cook a nutritious meal

Do stuff around the house


How often do you cave into this?

Maybe buy that supersize Mars bar on the way home?

Go through the drive thru?

Miss training?


There’s a big distinction between people who….

Transform to where they want to get physically to impact all areas of life

And those who stay stuck in the same place dreaming, miserable and moaning…


The latter constantly find themselves in the above scenarios…

And they give in, regularly


Just because of one slip, one day

(Which even the ‘bullet proof’ me is prone too)

They then believe everything is over, and there’s no point in continuing

They stop going to the gym

Give up on a healthily lifestyle

‘Its impossible’


No it’s not…

Its completely possible


Those who make the possible happen

The kinda people who wave goodbye to the irritating knee and back they’ve had for 10 years

The person who starts setting PB’s in their sport

The individual who now has a physique they love

These people still have slip up’s…


They just accept it, and don’t let it stop them on their pathway to getting what they want


Put it like this

Maybe you end up consoling yourself one evening with hob nobs and flapjacks

You could then say ‘that’s the week done’

Just like those who fail


Or you could acknowledge the great work you’ve put in over the other 10 days

And realise…

One little slip up will not impact at all the outcome, if you get back on it

Have a slip, get straight back up




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