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Basics Keys to Nutrition pre and post training (no icing)

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September 1 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Basics Keys to Nutrition pre and post training (no icing)

In a couple of weeks I’m doing a nutrition evening at Knowle and Dorridge Running Club, near Solihull and Stratford

(where I once did a strength a conditioning evening too)


And a common issue people ask about to coaches and personal trainers is ‘when and what to eat around training’


Instant thoughts by many usually gravitate around sports drinks, gels and lycra pants


However most commonly, its likely that you’re not even doing the basics right


And remember the basics account for 90% of the outcome, the rest is the ‘icing on the cake’, ‘the crema on your coffee’, the ‘umbrella on your mojita’


Constantly I observe people who just don’t eat around training, almost like an inconvenience


So first and foremost GET SOMETHING IN


Something is better than nothing, yes this sounds so stupid in its simplicity

But seriously, so many of you fail to do this


Consequently you compromise the effectiveness of the session (the results) and recovery

As a whole slowing down the whole process of gains from your training


Don’t get hung up on amino acids and fancy vitamins, just have:


–       A balanced meal of proteins and carbohydrates 2-3 hours before

–       Only have crab gels or fluids if endurance training for longer than 45 minutes

–       A source of protein after training (including carbohydrates if its long or intense)


Science and high quality experience show these are fundamentals for fuelling for training


As I said recently…


Practical often beats ideal, as ideal never gets done, but practical does and is 95% of the way to ideal


Speak shortly


Dave ‘big on practical’ Cripps