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October 16 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

What your sports injury needs, without fail…

Like you may have, we support a lot of people with sports injuries, where the headache and frustration of being unable to solve it is a real drag.   With that your sport is often a big part of your identity and personality so being unable to do your sport is essentially being unable to



October 8 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Solving the frustration with an Injury through Rehab…

When you have an injury, something that’s niggled away from weeks, months, maybe years, the whole experience can be highly negative can’t it?   I was only chatting to a runner the other day, and I shared with her two really important, but rarely spoke about elements, which if you can grasp, will:   A



October 3 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

You’ve changed things, but you’re not getting results?

Have you found yourself pulling your hair out, over the fact you feel you’ve made the right changes to get results, yet…   You’re not getting any?   Maybe you’ve stopped eating bread and chocolate You’re now going to gym each week   But still, the body fat isn’t dropping, or the fitness isn’t improving?



September 4 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Why you can’t afford, to not strength train…

You’ve probably heard strength training is good?  With the plethora of gyms and personal trainers in Solihull and Bimringham alone its no surprise   That it can help you in pursuit of various health and fitness goals, but…   Has anyone cared to explain in a way that relates to you and your goals, why?



August 27 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Connecting the dots in the gym

Connecting the dots between what you want to achieve from your training, and actually how what you’re doing will do that, is something which may seem familiar to you   Actually, can you relate to how unrelatable, fitness, coaches, trainers, gym’s, nutrition, everything can be to your goals?   Take these two scenario’s, based on



August 20 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

‘Am I doing well’?

Am I doing good?   The words that often mutter from many we train, irrespective of their goals   Because if I tell you that your leg power and fitness have gone up 12% and your body fat has dropped 4%, what an earth do those numbers mean!?   On tele recently I saw this



August 14 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Is your obsession with results, holding you back?

Are you too obsessed with results?   While letting my double espresso soak into my system in a good new coffee shop in Shirley, I wanted to share a point which I feel with passion…   One which is rarely if ever talked about in the world of fitness, gyms and personal training to their



August 8 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Your First Step – Don’t do what John and Sarah do

This maybe relevant to you, particularly this time of year, and if so what I’m going to share with you is critical….   The sun gleaming over Solihull, you’re going and coming back from holidays, all of which often evokes thoughts about achieving new goals with your fitness, body composition and them having tangible impact