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Breaking bad nutrition (to loose body fat)

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November 25 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Breaking bad nutrition (to loose body fat)

Did you see the post on facebook the other day of CP member Paul?

If you didn’t then this post is even more significant for you, why?

I get nutrition on its own isn’t exciting for many, instead its what healthy nutrition can give you which is exciting.

And in Paul’s case it linked to the following:

  • Overcoming a health issue
  • Loosing body fat/weight loss.


Essentially to improve his life not just now but particularly for the future.

A sweet tooth for the beer at a Solihull golf club and unhealthy eating was his barrier, but nothing had convinced him to change.

Did you see it?

I said nothing ‘convinced him to change’…

A critical point as change in behaviour which is what nutrition change is, requires a number of things and one is:

“I believe I can get what I want if I do this”

“I believe I can do this”

How often do you see diets, meal plans, all the same recycled information most gyms provide, and…

You have no more clarity or confidence in being able to achieve fat loss/weight loss?

How often has a personal trainer/PT or someone on tele told you ‘you need less carbs’ and these obvious soundbites you know already and…

You again have no more clarity or confidence in making the change you need?

So what do we do different (what did we do that made it click for Paul)

Tell me how to eat healthy and you will tell me some superb things…

But you’re not doing them…

So clearly the issue is action, behaviour, practically making this happen NOT loads more info.

This is ‘moment of clarity 1’


To understand this, we and you need to understand what you’re actually doing with nutrition.

Heard the phrase ‘assumption is the mother of f**k ups?’ (excuse my French)

Therefore we don’t guess, you use an app to guide everything you eat and drink…

This as accurately as possible shows the reality of how many calories your consuming and patterns in how your achieving this.

This allows you and us to determine the specific, real weak areas of nutrition and address them.

That’s moment of clarity 2 – assessing the reality, specifically targeting the issues


Then finally, we have weekly dialogue with you to suggest the ways to practically improve these.

‘Eat more protein’, ‘have less sugar’ – these aren’t solutions they are just general suggestions, what you need are practical specifics.

‘Having eggs with your toast in the morning or if in a rush overnight oats would be perfect’, ‘if you still want some fizz go for sparkling water or zero calorie versions on your favourites instead of the normal coke’.

That’s moment of clarity 3 – practicality


Combined with us discussing about the strength and fitness/conditioning training Paul would do for best results it was easy for then Paul to see:

1 – Specifically how to achieve what he wanted in practical, easy to understand ways

2 – Grasp the things that despite simple no one had ever shared or explained to him

3 – He knew it was attainable, he could do it and even enjoy it.


Have a great week, speak soon.

Many thanks

Coach Dave