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Changing General to Specific



February 18 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Changing General to Specific

When I was in hospital once, with a few IV leads plugged into me, something important occurred to me.


In essence its simple, but more about how it relates to physical training in a way which flips your conventional thinking on its head to help you overcome your specific challenges.




Among me were a whole range of people taking all sorts of different medications, and over the days my medication also changed in amount, frequency and type


This makes total sense, right?


You wouldn’t prescribe everyone the same medicine, even if they had the same illness, things like age and body weight would mean what you had would differ to another




One of the biggest challenges and problems we’re solving in people like yourself who are trying to achieve meaningful goals in physical fitness, is this…


You’re at a dead end, the training is not working (trusting you’re adhering to it)


Usually because you’ve been prescribed the same generic medication as everyone else.


It can work for a little, but soon fades in its effectiveness


And its soon apparent it isn’t working


In fact in most situations people will have tried all sorts before hearing about us,  various physio approaches, massage, trainers, chiropractors, so trust me you’re not alone!




As we coach highly diverse goals, from sporting, to health, to injury and well-being, in a hole range of abilities – novice to elite, from ages 12-82 years, this key point I am about to share holds even more true to you…


‘If your goal is (lets say cycling fitness), you have a history of back pain and some knee pain from an old sporting injury…


And you’re following the same generic programme as someone who is looking to lose significant body fat, who has no specific injury history, and wants fitness for more generic needs…


Neither of you will be getting what you need, just a mish mash in the middle that in trying to suit both suits neither’


If you want a specific outcome, you need the specific antidote, just like my time in a Solihull and Birmingham hospital.


Ironically, we get some grief from the national network of private training facilitates in them believing that in this tailored approach that were some how trying to coach people like elite athletes…


Wrong, so so wrong…


We have a huge amount of non athletes, let alone elite at CP.  All we’re doing is providing truly personalised solutions, which is an approach from our professional sport experience, but one I believe anyone should be entitled to irrespective of your goal, ability or age…


Its not about ability, but about an answer


Happy to help