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Coaching children and youth’s – fitness, injury, sport performance

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August 5 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Coaching children and youth’s – fitness, injury, sport performance

As parents, you want your child to flourish in the sport they love


Yet injury and frustration at not improving in key areas, are major set backs…


Torn hamstrings, ruptured knee ligaments, lack of fitness, desire for more speed, we’ve seen it all.


Yet while you get the above, knowing who/where has the solutions to achieve the positive results related to the above, is a minefield…


Most gyms don’t accept under 16’s, and then even if they do…


You’re concerned if they will do the right things in the right way?


As we always say – a gym is just a place you rent equipment…


Your kids have the tools, but do they have any idea how to resolve the above issues effectively, safely?


And even if they get personal training, has that trainer actually got the professional experience they need?


So people are took back a little when they realise we enthusiastically coach and support kids and youths at Coalition Performance.




–          We actually coach them personally, and provide all of the structure and support they need


–          They trust us as we have clear credentials and experience to do this 


–          They see we actually care for them and are passionate about supporting them


This isn’t just sporting kids either..


We coach a seven year old who loves his sessions with us as there fun activity and challenges, while his parents see the value as its one of the only ways he physically exercises away from the lure of computers!


Over 12 years ago I first coached teenagers in strength and conditioning/fitness at Moseley Rugby Club


Then at Leicester Tigers which was Europe’s leading rugby academy


And since…


While coaching hundreds of adults (sporting and non sporting), we’ve continued to always coach children and youths at the CP training facility in Earlswood, Solihull


Including Robbie who came with a knee brace a couple of weeks after a knee ligament re-construction, following a rugby injury…


Thomas and Will, 12 and 14 years old who play hockey and distance run, wanting to become more athletic in their sports


Millie who is national level swimmer with dreams of representing Great Britain


While gyms have started athletic development type sessions for youth’s, there has always been a clear difference with what we do at CP:


We have more experience and successful case studies of passionately supporting children and youths in strength, conditioning and athletic development.


I don’t just mean ‘degrees’, sure we have them (9 between us), but actually coaching experience supporting kids and youths, specifically in the art of strength, conditioning and athletic development.


I don’t mean that to sound arrogant, as there are a handful of superb personal coaches in this field in the UK, but…


The above statement is true, and this forms trust, but do you know what?


It only matters because the parents and kids see, that we really do care and want them to enjoy their experience with us.


We shall continue to inspire 😊



Many thanks


Coach Dave