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Connecting the dots in the gym



August 27 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Connecting the dots in the gym

Connecting the dots between what you want to achieve from your training, and actually how what you’re doing will do that, is something which may seem familiar to you


Actually, can you relate to how unrelatable, fitness, coaches, trainers, gym’s, nutrition, everything can be to your goals?


Take these two scenario’s, based on two members we coach at CP (easy due to the diverse range of goals people have here):


  • Richard is a distance runner from Knowle, he’s never liked gyms, but developed very bad tendon pain in his achillies
  • Debbie is a mum and wife from Shirley, she’s always associated gyms and personal trainers with stress, judgement and no progress, but really wants to get fitter and loose weight to positively change her life


In both of these two great people, despite very different goals, one common thing lacks, which is highly likely to be missing with you…


Let me explain through telling you more about their stories


Richard, realised and trusted that strength and conditioning training could be the tool to play a big part in stopping his injury and allowing him to revive his running performance.


Debs equally could see how training and eating in a way focused on her and not others, could produce a different experience and equally different results (this experience would be different to that of gyms)


Over two years since first meeting Richard, his tendon no longer holds him back with pain, he’s running better than ever, critically feeling durable, strong and enjoying it


A year ago since first meeting Deb, she’s one of the most relaxed and bubbly characters at the CP training facility, she’s improved her fitness, dropped significant body fat and removed away niggles, oh and she enjoys it


Both of these legendary people have achieved and enjoyed their training due to:


  • Seeing clearly and trusting in what they do every session
  • They are more motivated as a result
  • Therefore achieve greater results
  • Therefore, are more motivated and so this circle continues


Can you really understand clearly how what the training, exercises and everything you are doing not only helps you, but helps you achieve what you want in the best way?


This link which misses for so many which is why when guessing what to do themselves:

They struggle, as why would you be as driven to do something, if you weren’t sure if that something was going to work?


Solving this via the training programmes, coaching, nutrition support and a great training environment, is a critical ingredient to what we provide all our team members at CP


Put another way, I’m no mechanic, if I tried to fix my car by guessing from looking at millions of internet articles and videos, I would not only end up not fixing it…but also wasting time and end up frustrated

Connect the dots


Have a great day


(which reminds me, the car needs booking in for a service)