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Curing your Injury – Roll With It



September 2 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Curing your Injury – Roll With It

One of my favourite songs is Roll With It by Oasis, do you remember it?


Hey, you may have indeed seen me driving around Solihull, attempting to sing it while drumming my steering wheel!


One line says:


‘Don’t ever stand aside, don’t ever be denied, you want to be who you be in your coming with’


So What?


Among the many niche’s we coach, one is people with persistent injuries which have not been cured to allow them to do what they want in life:


A sport they love…

Loose body weight for self confidence…

Live longer through superior health


This classic brit pop/indie line, kind of summaries the mantra and mentality people, maybe like you with such challenges can benefit from embracing?


Psychology illustrates, that one element required for change in what you do is belief that you can change. However…


When you’ve struggled with an injury for so long, and tried various avenues to cure it, this self belief can diminish.


Therefore, as a coach and trainer, when I met people for their complimentary consultations, who have such challenges and goals, one fundamental thing is addressed, which could help you…




What do I mean?


Well at our training facility/gym (whatever you wish to call it)…


We see so many people who have succeeded in beating injuries and achieving what they want, when meeting new people at the start, we can smile and be positive. Why?


Because we know there is a solution which truly works.


I often say, there is yet a person who I have met and we have subsequently coached and trained who has not overcome and successfully got the results they want, when an injury existed prior.


And this isn’t just basic injuries or simple goals…


This is overcoming knee ligament surgery, ruptured muscles, c-section pregnancy, brain injuries, mechanical joints, spine injuries and neuromuscular disease…


In pursuit of goals from life changing weight loss, ironman triathlons, regional to international rugby, weddings and world championships.


In fact this is so mad, I often struggle to get my head around the weird, wonderful and remarkable range of goals, challenges and achievements we support as personal strength and fitness trainers/coaches.


So as Liam Gallagher used to indeed bellow in the previously mentioned song…


There is no need to stand aside and be denied.


And while you may not ‘come with me’ and the coaching team at CP, Solihull…


I do at least hope I have slightly inspired a spark of belief that you can beat your injuries, and rehab and train back to where you want, to have the life you want.


But maybe equally, you have seen the proof of the remarkable work we do as strength, fitness and conditioning coaches to successfully rehab people like you to achievements in life?


So please feel free to contact us to start to learn the journey ahead with your training


Many thanks

Coach Dave