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Curing your ‘Laptop Posture’ (and the related niggles and pain)

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June 3 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Curing your ‘Laptop Posture’ (and the related niggles and pain)

Today something twinged…


I was training on an exercise and my right, top shoulder tightened subtly, similar to what you can also get around your neck?


You, like me likely have ‘laptop posture’


That hunched over position which I’m currently trying to avoid as best as possible while typing this in a Solihull coffee shop.


The number of people who talk about negative issues with their posture in this way is huge. So how can I help?


Well this acute tightening I get is related to how my upper ‘thoracic spine’ is naturally curved and how my head therefore points a little forward.


Keeping on top of this requires me to do regular mobility/flexibility work during my strength training, but…


I haven’t done the stretching enough the last 2 weeks.


Because in honestly, I like you from time to time don’t make that little time for steps which prevent things which frustrate us.


So I’m going to share with you 3 of my finest fixes for preventing pain, aches and injury from your laptop posture:


  1. PULL


Stretching alone to extend your thoracic spine is not enough ideally to get your more naturally upright and free of shoulder and neck injury/pain.


Therefore, performing strength exercises that pull your shoulder blades and spine back, assist this.


Consequently, horizontal pulling strength training is a must for you and me.




While you want to extend and straighten your upper thoracic spine, most people end up stretching their lower lumbar spine.


Therefore on all stretches for this, like the many weird and wonderful ones we have at Coalition Performance, ensure you ‘lock’ your core to keep the stretch to your upper spine.


This can be a bit tricky to learn, so something we commonly coaches as trainers.




Its easy to say ‘I don’t have time’


Well these stretches can be performed at home too…


In fact I often suggest our members supplement the above work they done with us coaches, with the same stretches at home in front of the tele.


Sure, like my better half, they may think you’re mad, but it takes up zero time.


So, this evening in front of Netflix, I’ll be on the floor.


But in all seriousness, these 3 steps are exactly what we’ve used to solve some of the most complex shoulder and back issues in people from accountants, to professional athletes, in our gym facility



Coach Dave


P.S – as always, me and the coaching team are only an email away to help you with your goals, challenges and problems with your body, fitness or sport performance 😊