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Density and Intensity!



May 26 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Density and Intensity!

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You’re probably very busy?

You have work…

House work…



Time is tight and your biggest commodity


I spoke with someone last night…

Who despite all of these constraints

Is also doing 90 min gym sessions a few times each week


My thoughts?

They must be bloody knackered!

Plus to rub salt into the wound…

They’ve been getting nowhere towards their goal


So is there an answer…

To achieving your fitness, performance and physique ambitions?




Now these two are kind of apposing

As too much density compromises intensity

So it’s about striking the right balance


Density is about organising your training session structure

So you can get through the optimal amount of work

But without doing so much, the intensity drops

(Because your rests are too short, too many exercises etc.)


So how?

Well one way is to utilise supersetting

Doing one exercise, followed by another…

Then having a good rests approx 2.5 minutes plus

But you have to be careful…

As superset the wrong exercises and you’re going to compromise gains

So only group two DIFFERENT movements

(e.g. push + pull, lower limb extension and push)


Where everyone goes wrong is they do the kitchen sink

Throw in tonnes of exercises to their session…

(Too dense)

Then have really short rests and no quality training affect

(Not intense enough)


Your sessions should not last more than 60 minutes

That’s for resistance and conditioning training

The only exception would be endurance athletes with their specific fitness work


At Coalition Performance all of our sessions are 45 minutes max

The perfect blend of density and intensity…

The optimal recipe to get you what you want, as quick as possible


Why train for longer if its not needed?

Get home, spend time with the family etc.


Unlike everyone and everywhere else…

We know EXACTLY the processes to achieve what you want

So we only put in the work which WE KNOW will work optimally

We don’t use a kitchen sink approach of throwing everything at you

(Hoping something will stick)


That’s what coaching and working as a fitness and performance coach…

With the world’s finest athletes, coaches and scientists gives you


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Wish the Leicester Tigers luck this weekend, Premiership Semi Final against Bath, hopefully I will finish my career with them on a high!


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