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Did you see him on the news?



May 17 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Did you see him on the news?

Did you see the guy in the news?


A real life Forest Gump…

Someone who just motors around with minimal fatigue, constantly


But HOW?

(and how can it help you?)


Although no one truly knows why big Dean Karnaze is like the Hollywood, goofy legend

A strong suggestion points towards his genetics and MITOCHONDRIA


These little powerhouses located in your muscle cells are your engine


In fact several world leading Prof’s I’ve spoke to highlight the CAPACITY and FUNCTION of your mitochondria to be the fitness game changers


And its highly likely Dean, through genetics, has been born with unbelievably big and super functioning mitochondria


So what about YOU?


MITOCHONDRIA FUNCTION underpins more intense, shorter term/intermittent type exercises

(team sports, cycling TT, training to drop body fat)


MITOCHONDRIA CAPACITY underpins more long duration exercise

(distance running and cycling)


To train the first you should utilise intervals with really intense work…

That’s not your big box shiny gym spin session ‘H.I.T’

Work periods sub <60 secs, 4-6 minutes total work


This should be if you have a general fitness, team sport fitness, or body fat goal


To train the second you should use longer intervals OR…

Perform traditional continuous exercises (60 mins plus)


This should be if your into distance endurance sports


So although you will unlikely be like our man Dean…

You can see how to make the very most out of your mitochondria, based on your goals


Speak shortly


Dave ‘certainly wasn’t gifted with special mitochondria!’ Cripps