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Eastenders and Training: They got it wrong!

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February 9 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Eastenders and Training: They got it wrong!


Me and the mrs watch Eastenders

And while I could say she makes me watch it, if I’m honest I secretly enjoy it

Down on man/lad points

But at the moment one thing is starting to irritate me!

You’ve a rape story line…

An abortion story line…

An innocent man in prison story line…

And the murder storyline which has gone on forever

Its too bloody much in the time frame!


This is the same thing with choosing your exercises to do with your resistance training

As I’ve spoke about before, do a small number of things great, master them

But I want to give you more advice on this…

What exercises would I consider fundamental to get the best gains from your resistance training

Now that’s kinda hard for me to tell you, as you’re all so individually different

However, I will do my very best but due to above, it will have to be a little more generally


Although people typically don’t enjoy it as much, a great 1-2 lower limb exercises are pivotal

It you want to get quicker, you need stronger legs…

As you do if you want to improve endurance, reduce risk of injury, jump higher or solve back issues

These tend to be the most technically demanding exercises due to the large degree of movement through your joints

So its important you select something which you can:

  • Do through good range of motion at the joints
  • Can stabilise well, otherwise the instability will limit your ability to generate force
  • Do without getting pains like back, groin or knee issues

For one person this could be squatting, for another a leg press

If you require upper limb exercises then its as simple as pushing and pulling

Choose exercises which give you movement through range at your elbows and shoulders

Exercises which you can execute with sound form

Not like the guy down the gym trying to bench press with his arms shaking like he’s been electrocuted

But, what I’d suggest in most is avoiding overhead exercises

These can easily cause irritations through the shoulder due to small space in shoulder joint in this position and…

Cause back irritation as post people need to excessively extend their lower back to get their arms fully overhead, or don’t have good enough torso strength


I hope that helps