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Fitness Training Zones (all you ever need know!)

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April 12 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Fitness Training Zones (all you ever need know!)

I’m in the zone!

Treble shot coffee being consumed as we speak


So it’s fitting we’re talking training zones, something I covered a little this week at a seminar I did with a great group of Solihull cyclists (Dynamic Rides, fantastic shop/community/coffee)


Well I’m going to throw out there…

The classic take on training zones?

Its not as simple is often made out, as to achieve the outcomes of certain ‘zones’ you can often train in more than 1 zone


And as always this isn’t just my take, its research supported, geeky scientist approved!


So you have INTENSITY – in the case of fitness this is heart rate/speed…

The quicker you move or the higher your heart rate, the greater the intensity


Then on the flip side you have VOLUME – with fitness this is time…

How long you spend working in seconds and minutes


Now its quite popular for coaches to sound cool by naming these zones whacky wonderful names

And that’s cool, but also bloody confusing, so I’m going to keep it simple…




All about your body’s ability to uptake and deliver O2 to your muscles

You can train this traditionally via high volume (long distance), low intensity (~70 HR max) training

But you can also train it via low volume (short distance), high intensity (~90%+ HR max) training




This is cool though…

As it gives you choice, variety and the ability to choose what to use based on what you’re training for PLUS…

With time restrictions due to walking the dog, going to meetings and sorting out the troublesome central heating, you need this flexibility





The uptake of that oxygen at your muscles once it has been delivered

A beautiful thing for those of you wanting to loose body fat or hone fitness for explosive sports


This is achieved through very low volume (<5 min work), very high intensity (near maximal-maximal effort)

Time efficient but equally, VERY challenging!

(The wattbike loves giving you this!)




This sits between the two where a real blend is required…

Like you need to develop power under fatigue in sports like mid distance running and cycling


You hit this in 2 ways…

Using intervals using intensity and volume between the two above


Via your classic tempo training, constant work ~30-45 mins, 80-85% HR max


That’s all you need to know

Success is based on simplicity


Speak shortly

Dave ‘love a bit of aerobic peripheral’ Cripps