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Focusing on now or then? Think England…

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July 11 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Focusing on now or then? Think England…

12 years ago me and Mrs C we’re on hols’ in Cyprus, it was world cup quarter final day for England


Travelling into Ayia Napa (yes we we’re that couple in their mid 20’s happy to party with the masses!)


We found ourselves in a bar, rammed wall to wall with fellow merry England fans, taken advantage of ‘ones privilege to consume free beverages of the alcoholic nature’


The country as always back then thought we had to do it, we expected it!


But as always, it ended in tears


12 years later I write this ahead of England semi final with Croatia with one real thought for you


(on what can only be described a glorious sunny morning spanning across Birmingham over to Warwickshire)




This will relate to you, so think in context…


This England team had low expectations from the county;


get out of the group stages and that’s probably about right’


Back in my party days it was;


 ‘at least a quarter final’


You like me set expectations on ourselves, which is fine, yet…


Its these expectations which consume our minds daily at our peril


‘im this far of this weight, have twice as far distance yet to go until im race ready’


And the consumption of this distracts us from what truly matters




What you do now, this very second is what matters most


Have you ate well to ensure you don’t raid the chocolate box in a couple of hours?


Have you gone about your work today to make sure you without nail make your strength training later?


Awareness of the future matters to give direction to what you do now, however…


Living in the future based on expectations (rather than like the England team who focus on the now, not then) will set you off towards your goals in the best way


They wont be thinking about Sunday today, they will be thinking about today, therefore doing the habits to give best chance of making Sundays finals


Are you thinking and acting on now?  Or thinking and focusing on then? (‘that race’, ‘that target body weight, ‘that goal’)


Have a great day


(I think we might do it)