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Fuelling during training (uh oh)



April 18 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Fuelling during training (uh oh)

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This topic is a bit of a minefield


So much so I’m actually a bit lost and skittish over the answers as there’s so many variables


But how often do you eat/drink the optimal way DURING/AFTER your training to squeeze every drip of results?


As you may recall, training causes cellular signals and the more pronounced these beauties are, the more your body adapts and goes where you want it


So lets start with the classic strength training scenario…


Many have you believe you need a super shake with more ingredients than a tube of smarties, with a name usually related to something explosive or wind related like ‘anabolic devastation, or Tornado 10,0000’


The reality is…You don’t


So I’ve stripped back the marketing hype

Considered the genuine science

And the real world experience of coaching this, to create this guide


  • Protein during or immediately after strength training via whey protein is effective at improving the physiological response which triggers strength and hypertrophy improvements, more so than amino acids, so a basic whey low in sugar is spot on, nothing fancy.


  • Carbohydrates via your isotonic lucozades and so on will only be of benefit during endurance/cardio type work surpassing ~45 minutes. No benefit is evident during strength training or intense continuous or interval training ~30 minutes or less. Just drink water and if your are doing prolonged activity then these carbs could help, but also consider if you have a body fat need (if so limit this), if not then use these.


  • A blend of the above 2 straight after training can help reduce subsequent muscle soreness and restore glycogen quicker to fuel you for future training which is prolonged and more endurance in nature. It can also help those who need a lot of calories due to activity levels or ‘to grow’ to do so with more ease.  This could be achieved with just MILK if you don’t use a special recovery shake which can easily be laiden with excess teaspoons of the white stuff.


  • Caffeine taken during fatiguing training which is again prolonged can offset the sensation and perception of fatigue. Simply achieved with pro plus from the supermarket.


What DOESN’T work:


  • Beta alanine and/or creatine taken during training, as the doses are too small and brief to have genuine effect


  • Oils, vitamins, juice plus, holy Vietnamese spring water (ok I made that up)


That may seem basic, maybe disappointing, but the reality is most supplements for during training don’t work, in fact the excess sugar could set you back


Fuelling during training is that simple, with the true influence being from what you ate BEFORE as part of your normal nutrition


Speak shortly

Dave ‘remembers drinking supercharged’ Cripps

***Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want <Click HERE>***