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Nationally acclaimed private gym. Leaders in bespoke personal training, strength and conditioning, and rehab in Solihull and Birmingham

 The MOST QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning and Rehab Coaching, so you can look, feel and perform like never before

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Sport Performance and Rehab

Frustrated with an injury or your level of physical performance in your sport? Trust our leading Strength, Conditioning and Rehab Coaching, from supporting amateur, elite and world class athletes.

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Fitness and Body Fat

Desiring less body fat, a body your confident with and fitness to be energised to perform in life on your terms? Discover our specialist personal training coaching

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Youth Athletic Training

Does your child want to improve their performance in the sport they love, in a safe, enjoyable and trusting environment? We are one the UK’s few, genuine specialists in this field

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Unrivaled Coaching Expertise + Trust

The most qualified and experienced personal coaches and trainers in the UK. Plus, more 5 star reviews than anywhere else in the region.


Everyone Personally Coached

The only gym in the UK where everyone is personally coached, every session and has their very own kit and space (so you don’t need to share).

A Programme Unique To You

The only facility in the UK where no one has the same the programme. You are unique, therefore you follow a bespoke plan for you.

Personal Nutrition Mentoring

A personal, practical and real world approach to your nutrition to achieve your goals (rather than generic advice).

How you get started

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I made what was a life changing decision to come to CP…I’ve dropped over 30 kilo’s of body fat, my fitness has improve by 40% and the place has fantastic coaches and members to support you.
Personalised, friendly, professional, it’s helped me get my life back by resolving my back problem while loosing weight, getting stronger, fitter and having more energy
“My strength and confidence with weight training has massively improved to help my running, despite leading a busy life. The personal support keeps it fun and the place has a great, positive, friendly vibe.”
“I came back from a major neck injury in the best fitness and condition I have ever been in, after several years of been coached my Dave, before, and during my time as senior pro for Leicester, England and the British and Irish Lions.”
Dan Cole
“I joined these fantastically motivated and friendly guys, after aggressive treatment for cancer. I was weak and overweight, but I am now 11kilos lighter and walk everywhere without constant exhaustion, while considerably improving my joints and mobility. Don’t hesitate in joining this inspirational team.”
“Since joining CP I have developed my leg strength and power, to improve my cycling and really enjoyed it. Time is tight for people, and the individualised and variable plan ensue you make the most out of every session, along with the motivational aspect.”
“My son joined CP as they specialised in athletic training for youths. His speed, strength and fitness has improved tremendously, to recognition of the professionals at Worcester warriors where he plays. The support goes above and beyond, and has impacted Owens leadership and attitude too.

I had to overcome a major shoulder injury and the guys helped rehab me successfully and return to rugby with Worcester Warriors Academy, while also improving my speed and conditioning. From a parents perspective this has been a very worthwhile investment in supporting Mitch’s hopes of making it professional.”

Owen & Mitch

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