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How being overweight as a kid, actually helped me

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June 17 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

How being overweight as a kid, actually helped me

I started running properly around 16 years old.


However, its ironic as I have vivid memories of painful cross country P.E runs as a child.


Yet this probably helped me in many ways in the years after, let me share how, as it may help you.


As I’ve revealed before, I was overweight until about 12 years old, not hugely, but enough….


I loved sport so the motivation to be active was there, yet the challenge was it was harder for me carrying around ‘that bit more’ (body fat).


So I wanted to be in the top runners for cross country at middle school, yet didn’t look like the child who could.


Yet, with such a determination to look like I fitted in and was just as good as my skinner friends and classmates, I managed to be amongst the top 10 runners.


It hurt to push that hard, I did not enjoy it


Although, I think these experiences and my weight as a child has resulted in fuelling many of the great things which have happened to me later in life.


During my ultra marathon and triathlon training, reflecting back on the above inspired me to push on under fatigue as my fitness clung on and my strength diminished over long swims, cycles and runs.


This has even transpired into the work ethic and persistence in starting and growing Coalition Performance with the coaching team here, to being one of the leading physical fitness and performance training facilities in the UK.


How might this help you though?


Well every time I sit down with a prospective new member at our Solihull facility, I hear their backstory as to why they’re here…


I can see the potential

I can be confident in knowing what they are capable of (often greater than what they believe)


Therefore, consider this…

You no doubt have done some great things in your life…

 Career, kids, charity, sport, there could be lots of things


So next time you’re dwelling on whether you can achieve goals you may have with your body, fitness or sport…

Loosing body fat for personal reasons

Developing fitness for a certain sport you love

Or solving an on going injury – a joint pain you just can’t stop

 In every case, surely there is something you have achieved already in life that proves that you can make this happen.


Dropping a couple of stone of body weight/fat as an 11 year old and grafting in the sports I loved as a child for self confidence and identity, looking back was a huge victory…


What stops me (and you) from doing equally great things as adults?


And I can tell you now, without even seeing you…

What you want to achieve from your strength, fitness and physical training is possible, it can be done by you.


Sure its not easy, and that’s why people invest in the high quality and professional support from us as coaches at Coalition Performance.


But, you still have to believe its possible, even if you know you need help to break the habits of a lifetime.


And this is why we post endless videos and pictures up each week showing people like you, who want to achieve the things you want, indeed making this come a reality.


Believe it.


Coach Dave