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Why your mate isn’t getting results…

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Why your mate isn’t getting results…

You can’t out train a bad diet…

Yes it’s true and I have endless examples of it.

You can kid yourself, trick yourself and play dumb to it…

But if you think training alone will get you to your physical performance goals then you need a reality check.

I don’t want to sound blunt, but I do want to be totally honest.

I could say to you…

‘oh eat your Yorkie bars, have your twice weekly alcohol binge with the lads, I can still get you to where you want’….

But do you know what that would make me?

A liar, a charlatan, a faker, and a total waster of your time

And this is part of the reason this country is fatter and unhealthier than it ever has been…

Quote on quote ‘experts and gurus’ making out you can out train a bad diet…

You can train like a whimp and still transform your sport performance, fitness and physique.

These false beliefs and totally dishonest promises get people interested, but they do not give you what you want…

Outstanding results

What can you do then?

Firstly diets, B.S, another word for:

‘short term, unsustainable, nutritional approach for no long term success’…

It’s what yo-yo dieters do…

It’s what your mate Steve at work has been pulling his hair out doing the last ten years.

What you need is simple, basic, healthy nutrition, consistently

Do you need a nutritionist to do this?

Oh no, a ten year old probably knows the answers, serious!

So here are the secrets, ready?

a). Ditch added sugars, period – fizzy drinks, sweets, confectionary, sugar in tea, juices, energy drinks

b). Eat more protein and with every meal. Eggs, meat, fish, cheese, a shake, whatever

c). Make your meals from ingredients, don’t buy them ready. Make pies, curry, roasts, whatever, but you make it from bought ingredients

d). Eat 3 meals and snack between (with above foods)

e). Drink water, tea, coffee fundamentally.

f). Treat yourself a little each week, a bit of chocolate one evening, a couple of beers on a night.  Make it sustainable

Apply, don’t deny


Do that, and you’re not going to be far wrong…

Its not a lack of education, but a lack of application

You know what to do, you now have answers, you have the solution.

Will you do what most people fail to do?

Will you actually do it.

It is that simple.

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