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How much weight you REALLY should lose (and not what everyone is telling you)

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July 25 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

How much weight you REALLY should lose (and not what everyone is telling you)

‘I’ve lost a stone in a week’… of course you have Kevin!


But this is a positive thing to get your head around, let me explain


This ‘weight’ won’t really be fat on the whole, which is ironic as isn’t it fat we all want to lose in weight?


So what’s dropping?


Water – cleaning up your nutrition aggressively will reduce your carbohydrate intake massively. Less carbs = less water in the body = less weight


Then as these huge claims on weight loss continue over weeks there’s something else negative dropping:


Muscle – a big gap in the calories you take in versus burn off, particularly when doing no

strength training sets the conditions for loosing muscle


You know the person who loses lots of weight but looks gaunt and unhealthy? Yep they’ve

likely dropped plenty of muscle mass which give fitness, strength and shape to you



What we all ultimately care about with weight loss is ‘FAT LOSS’ surely?


Yet scales show you fat, muscle and water loss, so you can’t see what’s changing


This means you set unrealistic expectations on you, others and set yourself up for disappointment when you should be chuffed




We have a member, James who lives the other side of Solihull and works in Bimringham, who has lost 7kg of body fat (approx. 1 stone)


He has also maintained his muscle mass, increased his strength and fitness and rehabbed an injury (legend)


The most knowledgeable minds in the world agree that to lose just body fat, at a healthy rate means loosing 0.2-0.5 kg of fat per week (0.7-1 pound per week)


So this member has lost 0.25kg of body fat per week, which has led to all the benefits


To illustrate this and not just explain it, we also got him to hold 7kg, its heavy!


Its same as holding about 6 pints of beer, and when you feel it you can’t believe that weight of fat has gone


Yet in many ways that number sounds un impressive in the world of fad health and fitness documentaries on tele, but the reality is its brilliant


Reset your understanding and perception on fat loss and you will over come many of the issues people have


Plus not end up sulking sad with early results which are great based on scientific fact, rather than what Barry and Paula on weight watchers achieved in ‘said magazine’ 😉


Have a great day


(see things for what they truly are)