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How you achieve in the new year, you probably don’t do these things…

Personal Trainer Solihull. Strength and ConditioningMentalityHow you achieve in the new year, you probably don’t do these things…



January 1 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

How you achieve in the new year, you probably don’t do these things…

Happy new year

Thoughts of bettering yourself come flooding in, right?

Competing in a grueling endurance event…

Getting into the best ‘nick’ you’ve ever been in…

Up’ing your sporting game

In fact since boxing day I have never seen so many people out running all of a sudden

The reality is though, that the vast majority of people with these thoughts and desires will not achieve them…not even closely

Ever had this?

Your training and nutrition will begin with enthusiasm but then slowly taper off back to what it was?

Ultimately, intentions don’t lead to actions long term which will allow you to achieve what you want

So what do you?


 Why do you actually want to attain this goal?

Nah, nah, I don’t mean ‘because it will make you feel good’ or anything vague

I’m talking, a specific, deep answer, related to you, which really gets down the nitty gritty

Maybe you want to improve your sporting performance because your genuinely passionate about the sport, and when you train well and achieve things in this, it makes you perform strongly in all areas of life

It could be you want to drop weight and improve your general fitness because you’re sick to the pit of your stomach with not being able to run around and play with your kids, without getting back pain, knee pain and knackered

Actually digging down and determining the ‘why’ gives you understanding as to purpose of wanting to embark on process of change

This why is your true motivation and by being aware of it, you will massively increase your chance of staying motivated and putting the work consistently, to achieve the goal


How do you reach a destination in your car?

Regardless of sat nav, map, or memory, essentially you go via a number of destinations within this journey which ultimately lead to your end destination in the fastest way possible

Why would take the M6, M1 when its quicker to go M42,M40?

Physical training to achieve any form of goal is exactly the same…

Determine the optimal processes which you need to complete the goal the best way possible

The vast proportion, and I’m talking 95% of people in gyms across the country are spending time training in a way which is not optimal…

In fact, while they are sweating away, ipod blaring into ear drums, bottle of lucozade in hand, frustratingly looking in the mirror, I know sadly, the processes they are using are highly unlikely to get them to the place they want

Their taking the 3 hour, congested route to no where…

When they could take the 1 hour, uninterrupted one

Consequently, a few weeks in, after putting in the work, they see limited/no results, which hampers the motivation, and then the downward spiral back to before occurs, and they don’t achieve what they wanted

Train at the things which will get you to your goal in the best way possible


Do the work

Yep, that simple, do the work

Ever kidded yourself your doing something when really on reflection you weren’t?

Classic example would be kidding yourself your eating as you should to get leaner, yet still shoveling away several Stella’s and Yorkie bars each week?

You could have determined your why…

You could have sought the direction to help you determine the optimal things you need to do …

But then, the reality is, you actually have to do it

Yeah, yeah ‘I know that’, yep sure you do, but do you actually do it?

This step, despite being the most obvious, and simple, is actually the one where most people fail


There you have it, the three key steps you need to follow when setting your new year training goals

Follow them, and you can’t go wrong

Here’s to an immense 2015

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