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I choked (here’s why)



March 30 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

I choked (here’s why)

I choked…

As a coach who is honest with others, I’m equally honest about me, and I’m happy to share that



In my typical ‘heart on sleeve’, soul laid bare nature, here’s why

(so you can learn from my error)


Have you ever seen Dragons Den?

When the poor devil stands there in the midst of the gaze of the dragons and they draw a blank?

You cringe with awkwardness knowing ‘that must feel crap!’


Well, 2 hours ago I stood in a room in front of 40 other people

All of who our on the entrepreneurial spark programme that CP got invited on

A group full of people with exciting and ambitious potential

(its bloody brilliant)


I had a 60 second pitch which I had to share about us…

No notes, just me, them and what I wanted to share


Although I rewrote it earlier, I practised for a couple of hours before and performed it to others

No problems, I got it, alllll gooooood


Well turns out, I didn’t

Within 10 seconds my memory went empty, and the choke began!


Hell, this has never happens, I don’t do choking!

But here I was, sinking faster than a battleship which had took 20 torpedo hits…

I was going down!!!


You know that sense that everyone is cringing to death and there’s those awkward silences and giggles?


But guess what?

Its all my fault


Yep, in the words of Cuba Gooding Jnr in the film Jerry Maguire:

‘well boo..f***king, hoo’


Yeah, I was tired…

I hadn’t ate for 4 hours…

Yes I hadn’t had my 50th coffee of the day BUT…


I didn’t do the work


If I had, I would of re wrote and practised it sooner, I hold my hands up


I’ve seen it before in the people I’ve coached

The athlete who chokes match day

The person who’s no trimmer come when they want


In every single case, they didn’t do the work


So whether you read this as one of usual bunch who read these, or as an e-spark chiclet….


We’re all susceptible

We’re not the finished article

We still have chinks in that superhero persona we often try and portray


Its easy to kid yourself

But next time things go balls up

Its more than likely down to no one else but YOU


I shall now go and lick my wounds

Dave even I’m humanCripps