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I’ll start when ‘Im Ready’…



May 28 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

I’ll start when ‘Im Ready’…

‘When I’m ready’


3 words which can tell me so much about you, but also be your undoing in pursuit of your personal training goals with your body


But how?


I am yet to meet anyone in over a decade as a strength and conditioning coach who has said:


‘I am going to start and get going when I’m ready’, who have then gone to achieve what they want in the gym and then more broadly with their body, fitness or in a sport they love.


I.e. they’ve never got ready since


Seriously not a single one, and here’s why its important to know the reason




‘Ready’ for many of you means when you have:


  • More time for yourself to go to the gym
  • Less stress at work
  • Less stress at home
  • Fewer birthdays and weddings to go to
  • More ‘work-life balance’


But the reality is, you’ll never have as much time as you want for yourself…

One work place stress will replace itself with another…

The kids and partner will create new headaches for you…

Social occasions will occur for you until the day you die…

There’s no such thing as work-life balance


Which means…


Perfect will never happen


So you’ll never be ‘ready’ to commence the training and nutritional steps you know you need for the results you’re pursuing


And certainly never ready to invest in yourself to get support, structure and guidance from a specialist personal trainer or coach




The people who make the change to being ready, eventually realise this


For example in the last fortnight alone comments I have had from those who have recently started at Coalition Performance include


‘Everything’s going backwards, nothings going to change, I’ve just gotta start’


‘I’ve realised work will always be busy, there will forever be headaches at home, I have to start and give back to me for the better of everyone’


Equally some of you will never accept this, and that’s fine, we’re all wired differently


And is why at CP we say we don’t specialise in a certain ‘type of goal’ (e.g. only body fat, e.g. only sport performance, e.g. only rehab)…


But we specialise in the type of person, and this is one key characteristic to success, as you cannot be helped until you can help yourself


None of us are ever truly ready


Speak shortly


Director, Coalition Performance, Solihull