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Important: A year to the day



May 30 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Important: A year to the day

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Today I want to share 1 simple thing, which can be the difference in you succeeding or failing with your training goals


On 30th May 2011…


I ran 54 miles from Worcester, over the Malvern Hills and then all the way back up to the start

Just over 11 hours of exhilaration, worry, fatigue, doubt and excitement


Now for most people doing that is a bit mad


And to me now, considering I ran marathons from Solihull to Bromsgrove and back ‘for training’, it was different gravy mentality wise!


Do you have aspirations physically, yet they seem somewhat unlikely, even impossible?


The reason I managed this (and so can you) is despite never even have ran a marathon, I had ‘targeted focus’


This is trait I observed for years in the best performing athletes who achieved monumental achievements which changed their life.  Let me explain…


Simplicity is a grossly underestimated quality and non more so with your motivation


Anything which requires effort, most notably with training and nutrition requires PURPOSE

A point to work towards, a goal, a destination


And I’m not talking general ‘get fitter’, ‘be stronger’, ‘loose some weight! Crikey…

There processes not outcomes


Take Dan, the former solider who we’ve coached for months


Yes he needed ‘strength’, ‘fitness’ blah blah blah, but his PURPOSE?

To stand on his prosthetic limbs all day at his wedding, when back in November it was a challenge to do so for a few minutes, let alone with balance


That’s bloody inspirational, that’s the type of spine tingling thing which gives you FOCUS because its such a huge achievement


And because it so significant, you will work hell over high water to do the work it takes to make the dream a reality…and he did


A goal sets a general focus, but one with purpose targets it, which creates a whole new level of motivation, results and success


Everyone has them

You do…

You may just not don’t dig deep enough to understand them


Conquering a challenge to prove to yourself your true ability

Changing your body to be the person you actually are, not a reflection of someone else who frustrates you


Performing on a totally new level, where ability and age seem to no longer be boundaries


EVERY person we coach at CP who has this type of focus achieves, long term, consistent and immense goals which positively impact their lives.


Target your focus, don’t just set superficial goals

Speak shortly


Dave ‘thinking upon the next challenge’ Cripps


***Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want ***