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Is your Breakfast like this?



October 20 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Is your Breakfast like this?

Like coach Ed just said

‘One of the best things about a hotel is the breakfast’



And your parents always likely said

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’


As a teenager I never bothered…

Instead taking more valuable time under quilt



As you know, they were right, as it’s a must

The question is though…

What is a good breakfast?


What can you have which will not only give you energy

But also fit in with your goals (e.g. loosing body fat)

And keep you full?


As with all meals it needs to contain protein, fat and carbs

The thing is though…

Most breakfasts are just a carb fest of frosties, corn flakes and juice


But there’s another thing isn’t there?


It has to be PRACTICAL

Mornings for most of us are full on, a whirlwind of being in a rush


  1. Eggs

Scrambled, boiled, poached, omelette

Being rich in protein and fat they will keep you full

Plus if you train in the morning, they will aid recovery and gains


  1. Wholegrain/meal toast

Unless you have an allergy (which most don’t)

Don’t be afraid to have this classic, as long as you have protein with it (e.g. eggs)


  1. Fruit

Fine to give you a burst of energy, but needs to be a handful

And without doubt, with protein and fat (otherwise your gonna get hungry!)


  1. Porridge

A legend, but still outstanding…

The gooey mix not only gives you quality carbs…

But also increases your sense of fullness due to its thickness


  1. Cheese and meats

I like grilled halloumi

You can always have meats too, from smoked salmon, to bacon

Just accompany them with some good carbs                                                                                                          



  1. Protein shake

Quick, easy, you can throw stuff in it from fruit to oats

This should be the preferred choice if you’re busy

As it takes about 20 seconds to make


Some quick ideas there for you

For all tastes and all lifestyles


If you don’t get this right, your chances of eating to achieve your goals will be VASTLY REDUCED

Why we always tell our team members at C.P that this is a critical first step


Why not do something which you know will greatly help you get the fitness, strength and body you want?


Need support with this and your training?

Look no further, contact us HERE


Speak shortly


Dave ‘looking forward ’ Cripps


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