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Is your obsession with results, holding you back?

Personal Trainer Solihull. Strength and ConditioningnewsIs your obsession with results, holding you back?



August 14 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Is your obsession with results, holding you back?

Are you too obsessed with results?


While letting my double espresso soak into my system in a good new coffee shop in Shirley, I wanted to share a point which I feel with passion…


One which is rarely if ever talked about in the world of fitness, gyms and personal training to their members




When I think about what you hear when you embark on your training journey, one word springs up; RESULTS:


Results based

Results focused


Its painted on the walls, mentioned excessively on websites, and I get it, it makes total sense…


You, me, we all want to get the outcome we want from our efforts.


Take me, I want to ensure the last 11 months effort to complete my Ironman 70.3 in 6 weeks actually results in that


However, dig under the surface into the science and art of performance, and maybe there is something else you need to consider




Those of my tender age or older may remember in the 90’s the stock broker Nick Leeson, who famously got sent to jail for rogue trading


In a world where ‘results’ were rewarded with bonus’s’, after a successful start to trading which saw him get a 130k bonus, things went down hill


In pursuit to build on this he used rogue methods to make money and hide his workings, in a desperately growing effort to get results (hey remember results based, results focused!)


Eventually his losses amounted to hundreds of millions in investors money and he fled the country to then be jailed for 6 years




Evidence from psychology shows, focusing excessively on outcomes/performance/results creates increased risk of adopting behaviours and habits which in the long term can totally undermine this very thing and create the opposite to what you want


Also, while reducing sense of motivation, purpose, and satisfaction in what you do


Does this mean results don’t matter? Hell no!




If you had a perfect plan for your training, plotting a journey from where you want to get, right back to where you’re starting and you totally trusted it…


You consistently did everything you simply needed to by applying your effort, and just focused on these day to day, week to week…


You would end up the best possible place, with the best possible result after 3,6,12 months and longer.




Because the things which create what you want results wise, you have done to the best of your ability, therefore you’re getting maximum return


Knowing what you want, is critical, you have to know what results you desire and why, YET, from there its about determining what steps will get you there down to types of training, exercises, programming and nutrition, and then…


Focusing on these processes


Know and appreciate the result you desire with your body and training, but focus your majority of mental energy and effort on the processes – going for it to the best you can during that training session, nailing a great week on nutrition by reducing your booze intake, managing the distances you do outside of the gym in your run, cycle or swim


Have a great day


(today my processes’ are coaching, preparation, social media and by wattbike interval training session)