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Making time to train (when you think you have no time)

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October 22 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Making time to train (when you think you have no time)

Do you struggle to make time to train and eat well? Do your weight training, get in your fitness work, prepare your nutrition?


Well in the process of really helping you, Im going to kind of maybe annoy you too, let me explain…


We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we’re all busy (whenever does anyone say ‘Todays been a breeze I’ve had so much time!’


But, but, but, the difference the person who does make time and the person who doesn’t is not time itself, but rather VALUE.


Consider packing for your holidays…


You’ll fill the same 20kg suitcase with the things you value most, and the things you don’t put in are less valuable (in terms of use not money)


Your time is the same, if you truly value it, then you will make time for it, just like if your desperate to get those killer shoes or shirt in your suitcase, you will make space (or this case time)


This also allows you to create the understanding that you will never have more time, be less busy, and its not a time shift that’s needed, but rather a value one, and only one which you can control


You will get all your training in, nutrition will click, and the results with your body whether that be strength, body fat, fitness or sport performance will commence.


Think about it 🙂


Have a great day


(hope you don’t have the cold I do which is consuming Solihull!)