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The journey and team which makes us totally unique

In 2013 founder of Coalition Performance, Dave Cripps, had a realisation while sat at Dubai Airport on his way back from a coaching trip to Australia. He was years into being a strength and conditioning coach in Premiership Rugby at Leicester Tigers when he realised the support the athletes he coached received, was not available to those outside of elite sport – regular men, women and children, who could actually benefit from this expertise even more. Instead, people were being left to train in often uninspiring and unenjoyable gym environments, only being able to access support from often unapproachable trainers with very few qualifications and experience for them to form trust in. This created lacklustre results but also a limited sense of quality, value and enjoyment in their training.

This has created the foundation of what we have built at Coalition Performance – to provide a level of personal training and coaching support which is totally unique in its quality and approach. This enables people like you to achieve more from their training, while also loving the experience. Essentially, by being part of our team, you’re part of something which is genuinely special and stand-alone, based on the facts shared.

Consequently, as a coaching team, we’re truly motivated to deliver the most expert support to you, to have numerous positive impacts on your life. Sure, it’s an ambitious and bold statement, but we know through evidence, what we provide is more than merely ‘work-outs’ and superficial results. It’s an experience, journey and on-going array of results which mean the positive wins on the gym floor translate into positive wins outside of the gym in your life. This is why our coaching team is so valuable to you and why the power of us as a collective in your results and experience is greater than just being individual trainers.

Our support

Unlike any other gym, coaches or trainers in the country we have the most experience and degree level qualifications linked to strength, fitness and coaching, which is collectively over 32 years of the highest quality knowledge for you to trust in. These qualifications mean we have the highest level of professional coaching experience, unparalleled by anywhere else. This is not only in elite sport with athletes and teams, but also extensively with the general public; from mums and dads, 11 to 88 year olds and an extensive range of people with minor and traumatic injuries. We are passionate about making the ultimate training support available to anyone regardless of age, goals, or experience.

Crucially, we pride ourselves in ensuring this level of expertise is combined with being highly approachable and relatable to every member we coach. Beyond our professional credentials, one key quality people mention about us is that we’re just really nice people.

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