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Moody sod?



June 25 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Moody sod?

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Ocean colour scene…

Indeed, the 90’s indie band who I will be seeing again next month for the first time in…20 years


Now like me, does music influence your mood?


At CP, right back to the years in professional team sport gym’s, we’ve always placed emphasis on this


Its no surprise music is shown scientifically to positively influence exercise performance

And I would day underestimate it, as it’s hard to study as we all have such different unique tastes


More broadly, training mood is so important

I know because I’ve gone into many training sessions previously feeling flat


In fact a memorable one being an interval session around a rugby pitch,  looking out onto the abyss outside which awaited me, a setting similar to a world war 1 no mans land


So let’s face it, training mood will waiver for you

But what can you do to ensure this stays as consistently high as possible?


  1. What’s the purpose?


If you have purpose to your training, your effort will be higher

Psychology research shows a link between being able relate a task to a meaningful outcome


II you have no focus as to what this specific outcome to your training is, your motivation to train will be poor


  1. Fuel?


Your nutrition plays a big role in your energy

For example excessively low carbohydrate intake, or a diet made up of starmix and dr pepper will cause poor and unsustainable energy


So fuel appropriately in the hours before

Eat your main meals, snack healthy, drink enough to not feel thirsty and get a caffeine shot in 20 minutes prior if its been one of those days


  1. Context


I don’t want to sound morbid…

But I’m going to be


A famous coach, a 3 time cancer survivor said ‘next time your pissed off about being in traffic and 5 minutes late like you’re so hard done by, think about the kids on the chemotherapy ward’


Chances are in reality, your flatness is down to things which aren’t in reality all that bad.

Give yourself a slap around the chops, and get back to reality


  1. Step up


If your training programme isn’t objective and progressive, you’re in trouble


If you don’t have clear targets, e.g. set, reps, distances or times to achieve that are specifically greater than what you’ve done in previous weeks, chances are you’ll coast it


When you have targets though, it gives you something to step up to and chase

This is why at CP, we spend a crazy amount of time each week logging and updating every single members training programme, every session of every week with clear, progressive targets on every exercise and task.


20 years ago…starting to feel my age!


Speak shortly


Dave ‘90’s child at heart’ Cripps

***Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want ***