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My shocking, unprofessional nutrition…or not?



February 13 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

My shocking, unprofessional nutrition…or not?

Some mini eggs…

Some cookie…

Some shortbread…

Some sponge cake…

Some diary milk…

Some whiskey and wine, couple of beers…

Yep, I had that last week…for real

Does that make me bad? Does it make me a hypocrite?

Nah, because the fact is unlike what many trainers portray, I don’t just eat broccoli and protein shakes (which is them lying!)

And nor should you my friend

The thing is, that great nutrition requires a big slice of reality

And the reality is that living off Rivita, lettuce, hummus, protein shakes and chicken is not sustainable and only results in…

Well, not the result you wanted!

In my little example above from last week, based on my activity profile, I can have that and stay in the perfect place for me…

(which has to be good due to my occupation)

Now while everyone might not be as active as me they can and should still include treats in their weekly nutrition

It allows CONSISTENCY and that creates THE RESULTS YOU WANT

How can you do this?

Well everyone is a little different but I suggest 90% of what you take in each week is healthy and nutritious, bang on

Then the other 10% is for treats, on WHATEVER YOU WANT

Galaxy, Skittles, Peroni, Chippy, Pinot Grigio maybe some Millk Tray!?

Its up to you…

As long as its not too much

Some may have to make this a little less, others might get lucky and be ok with a little more

Also it depends on your goals, if you’re loosing fat it won’t be generous for example

But the take home is, each week don’t deprive yourself

That creates a mental state of taboo on treats and what do we all crave?

The things we can’t have

So maybe next time you’re at the supermarket, have that cream egg

Just don’t go and buy and the whole box!

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