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One of the best expert insights I could give you (for loosing weight)

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April 1 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

One of the best expert insights I could give you (for loosing weight)

The sun has made a welcome appearance across Birmingham, Solihull and beyond


And maybe like myself, this has made you think…


Resulting in you wanting to lose some unwanted body fat and actually have a body you can feel and see is what you want


You read right, I’m doing this now


Us strength and fitness coaches are human, despite the perceived world of personal training coming across as being ‘mr and mrs perfect’ – non sense)


Honestly, for once it isn’t for my sporting goals in triathlon…


I’m in fact going on holiday to Dubai and want to be at the weight where confidence wise I can relax and feel I look like me


So let me share with you one of the very best pieces of professional inside insights you can use for your success


Be very specific


Nutrition success is heavily about behaviour


By having general things to work towards like ‘eat 3 healthy meals’, ‘eat more protein’, that is fine, yet…


If you turn these into more specific processes like:


‘500 calories for my 3 meals’


‘200 calories for my snacks’


The focus helps you ensure you actually do the right things, not just with your training in the gym, but the other 23 hours a day


It gives specific structure to your nutrition, and structure creates motivation and accountability


But its still flexible enough to decide what foods you pick up to achieve these, to fit around the constraints of a busy lifestyle


Take this superb example…


I have bought sandwiches for lunch from Sainsburys and the little co-op by me


Snacks from the small petrol station


Ate with my son at the Beefeater pub


All of which fit my goals and have seen my very well in achieving my body fat goal


Equally when I’m not in such a rush I’ve chosen to cook some eggs on toast at home


Hey I even cooked a splendid roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings yesterday


Nevertheless, the same outcome of being inline with my nutrition to lose body fat has occurred


Highly effective nutrition isn’t boring, it just needs specific structure for you to focus your efforts on



Enjoy the sun, enjoying your training


Coach Dave