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One thing I wish I’d knew sooner about training…

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January 17 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

One thing I wish I’d knew sooner about training…

That one thing would be to train with intensity!

I spent years as a teenager and into my early twenties doing everything sub maximal

Lifting, running, everything was moderate, drawn out, steady


Just like the one thing lacking in most people today is effort to get up and get work done

The one thing lacking in most people’s training today is intensity

And the reason why this is critical and simple…

It can make a bloody huge different in the results


Ditch the donkey training:

Including or purely using high intensity conditioning can be a game changer

My experience and that of some of the world’s best minds in training show:

The intermittent, powerful nature of this training more specifically develops your fitness to the demands of most team sports

If your a distance athlete, your steady and tempo work remains key, but adding this training in can  further boost your aerobic fitness when all traditional methods have been used

If your wanting to get lean, this is by far the best way


Stick 2 fingers up to high reps:

Sod what Mens Health and local bodybuilder at your gym say about using sets of 10 and 12

While this can and does work, it ain’t optimal, it doesn’t consider fully how the body adapts

Using heavier more intense loading is a most…

This preferentially develops the fibres of your muscle that have greater scope to strengthen

Use more sets, use less reps per set, use a heavier load


You kidding me!?:

This might not sound new, in fact I saw a local PT company going on about it the other day

But where everyone goes wrong is they perceive ‘high intensity’ to be something its not

Its kinda like me asking you how much is an expensive bottle of wine is…

To one of you its a tenner to another its twenty quid…its perceptual

The vast majority of trainers perceive training to be high intensity when its not

High intensity is fitness work where your breathing so hard you can hear it a mile off…

It’s working like your being chased by a mad man with an AK, sword, CS spray and pit bull

High intensity resistance training is scrapping out a rep for several seconds while you turn the colour of a post box

It’s working like that rep is the difference between you living and dieing


Ramp up your training intensity, there are many ways, some superior to others based on my experience

You will only get the benefits mentioned if you’re genuinely putting in the effort required


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